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Progressive Review

Progressive auto insurance offers industry-leading driver and vehicle discounts, helping to keep premiums low. With solid claims management and unique coverage options, Progressive car insurance stands out as a premier insurance provider.

The Good

Comprehensive driver discounts

Progressive auto insurance offers some of the most comprehensive driver discounts in the industry. Discounts can be an excellent resource to help you reduce your auto insurance premium while still maintaining quality coverage. Progressive auto insurance includes common discounts like good driver and multiple policy, as well as accident forgiveness, military, loyalty, and several others.

Strong claims management features

With a 24/7 claims center and the ability to file a claim with an agent, online, or on your mobile phone, Progressive allows you to manage your claims in the manner most convenient for your circumstances. Featured prominently on the Progressive car insurance website is a link to the claims center which allows customers to log in and report and track a claim. For those unfortunately instances where a claim is necessary, having access to so many filing options is a great resource.

Pet injury coverage

In addition to the standard liability and bodily injury coverages aimed at protecting family and other loved ones, Progressive auto insurance also offers pet injury coverage. With pet injury coverage, you can receive up to $1,000 to treat injuries sustained by your cat or dog in an auto accident. The most amazing aspect of pet injury coverage is that it is included in your collision coverage, and comes at no extra charge in most states. For those animal lovers looking to protect their pets, Progressive auto insurance is a solid choice.

Diverse vehicle discounts

Receiving discounts related to your vehicle is another great way to reduce your premium and lower your expenses. With Progressive car insurance, you can receive vehicle deductions if your car has an anti-theft device or built-in safety features like anti-lock brakes, or if you drive an electric car. When it comes to identifying driver and vehicle discounts, you will be hard pressed to find another auto insurance company offering more than Progressive.

Snapshot device rewards good drivers

Snapshot is a program offered by Progressive car insurance that monitors your driving and offers discounts based on your driving habits. Progressive will send you a small device that plugs into your car and records how you drive. Based upon your driving habits, you can be eligible for safe driver, low mileage, and other discounts. Progressive auto insurance even makes it easy by allowing those discounts to kick in automatically. Snapshot is free and is a great way to monitor your driving and get access to a few extra discounts.

The Bad

No new car replacement or GAP insurance

For most of us, buying a new car will mean getting some form of auto loan. In those unfortunate cases when a new car is badly damaged, oftentimes the insurance will not cover the cost of the loan, leaving you in a tough financial spot. GAP insurance, which covers the difference between the actual value of a totaled car and the balance remaining on your auto loan, and new car replacement, which replaces a totaled car with a brand new car, are both not offered by Progressive car insurance. If these insurance coverages are particularly important to you, Progressive auto insurance may not be the best fit.

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