Mar 21 2020

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Ferrari factory operational despite coronavirus restrictions

Ferrari is based in the region of Italy affected by quarantine but says it is maintaining ‘operational continuity’

The original Focus RS was inspired by the Focus RS WRC Mk1 rally car

Used car buying guide: Ford Focus RS

The Mk1 Focus RS is a modern classic hot hatch with a solid reputation and prices within reach of the common man (or woman). We take a closer look

Skoda Superb 2020 long-term review

We all know it’s a fine executive as both saloon and estate, but can it hold its head high in £40k company? Let’s see


40 years of Audi’s quattro

We mark an important anniversary in Audi’s life, when the company started to mix it in the ranks of its primary German rivals

The 4.0-litre flat-six engines used by the 718 dodge the need fo turbos thanks to clever tech

Under the skin: How Porsche revived flat-six engines for the 718

Various efficiency-saving measures such as adaptive cylinder control allow new GT4 and GTS 718 Caymans and Boxsters to spurn turbocharging

New M2 (rendered left) will be joined by a 4WD M2 Gran Coupé (rendered right)

New BMW M2 to spearhead hotter junior M line-up

Rear-drive 420bhp M2 will pave the way for an M2 Gran Coupé and fiery full-fat M 1 Series

Automatic braking systems won’t work if sensors are knocked

Driver assist tech needs standard failure warning, says UK insurance body

UK insurance group Thatcham is concerned at safety systems that leave drivers in the dark when they need repairs

Porsche 911 is a handling king

The anatomy of handling: What makes the perfect driver’s car?

We all recognise incredible handling when we experience it. But defining this elusive quality is more tricky. We ponder the issue

Three hot Renaults: all different, but the family resemblance is definitely there

From R26R to Trophy-R: driving the ultimate Renaultsport Meganes

The R26R went down in hot hatch history, but has it been surpassed by its successors? We gather the best to find out


Wings: history’s greatest car spoilers

Spoilers may be seen as a way of making a car look sporty, but for powerful cars they’re an aerodynamic must. We take a look at the wildest wings we’ve ever seen


Greatest cars ever made with pop-up headlights

Pop-up headlights have disappeared today on new cars – which makes them even cooler. These are the best we’ve ever seen

The Blower resurgence project is led by experienced Mulliner engineer Glyn Davies (pictured above)

How Bentley is recreating its legendary 4.5-litre Blower

The Crewe-based luxury carmaker is building just 12 of these ultra-exclusive £1.5 million continuations. We meet the man in charge

Auto news

Auto news

Auto news

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