Mar 22 2020

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Adesa auto auction

Vehicle Selling Made Easy

ADESA Auctions will get your vehicle in front of the right buyers, meaning you’ll get an offer in 7 days, or less.


Versus the old way to sell your vehicle.

ADESA is Canada’s most trusted vehicle reseller

We work with you to set your asking price

We take care of everything from pictures to payment

No more negotiating, test drives, or unexpected surprises

How It Works

It all happens with these four easy steps

  • Fill out our vehicle appraisal form and an ADESA rep will reach out to help you determine the value of your vehicle.
  • Set your asking price then transport your vehicle to the nearest ADESA location.
  • Receive an offer from the highest bidder after each weekly auction.
  • Accept the best offer and get paid the next day.

What’s Included?

Our five guarantees


  • Three Auction Runs
  • Market Guide Appraisal
  • Hand Delivered Cheque
  • Condition Report
  • Pre Sale Inspection

Additional Services ($)

  • Full Vehicle Detail
  • Vehicle Transportation
  • Mechanical Repairs

Once You’ve Decided

We are here to help.

Transporting Your Vehicle To ADESA

To get your vehicle down to our auction, you can either drop it off yourself during our office hours, or for a small fee, we can pick it up for you — even if it’s not in running condition. Watch our video for more details.

Using Our Market Guide

Our national market guide gives you access to data on all vehicles sold at ADESAs across Canada in the last 90 days. This helps you accurately evaluate the worth of your vehicle at ADESA, so you have an idea of what to expect at the auction before you get started. Watch the video to learn more about our evaluation criteria.

What You’ll Need To Bring

There are a few things we need from you before we can sell your vehicle at auction, starting with your vehicle registration and a valid drivers license. Watch this video to find out if you’re ready to sell.

Adesa auto auction

Adesa auto auction

Adesa auto auction

ADESA Auctions is the quickest and easiest way to sell your vehicle. We market to over 50,000 qualified buyers online and in-person, so we guarantee an offer in seven days or less.
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