Mar 22 2020

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Auto air conditioning

Auto Air Conditioning Parts

Premium replacement parts and repairs for your vehicle’s air conditioning system

Your nearest Natrad store can source and install genuine auto air conditioning parts.

Auto Air Conditioning Parts Supply

Is your vehicle’s air conditioner under-performing? Common signs could be a lack of cool air or noisy operation. Take your vehicle into a Natrad workshop and our dedicated team of air conditioner specialists will identify and rectify the issue straight away, we’ll even give you a 15% discount on the cost of replacement parts fitted to your vehicle.

We have access to one of the largest ranges of air conditioner parts in the country. In some cases, the original equipment (OE) and aftermarket parts we install actually exceed the original equipment expectations of your vehicle.

Our Auto Air Conditioner Parts Range


Compressors work like a pump by taking in refrigerant. They contain several moving parts including pistons and valves that can wear out over time.


Condensers are responsible for cooling the refrigerant from a compressor. They are usually located at the front of a vehicle and are often damaged in head-on collisions.


An evaporator acts as a heat exchange device for your vehicle’s air conditioning system. Over time, an evaporator can become corroded and start leaking.

Receiver Driers

A receiver drier temporarily stores oil and refrigerant when they’re not needed by the air conditioner. Damage may occur when excessive moisture gets into the air conditioning system.


Natrad stocks and installs a massive range of OE and aftermarket parts for heaters. In most cases, these parts are more reliable under Australian operating conditions.

TX Valves

TX valves are responsible for converting hot refrigerant liquid into a cold vapour. If a TX valve fails, it can cause serious issues that affect your vehicle’s compressor and evaporator.

A/C Fittings

A/C fittings are responsible for connecting your air-conditioning system’s main components. If left unchecked they can deteriorate and cause serious damage to other cooling parts.

Refrigerant Gas

Auto technicians at Natrad can inspect your vehicle’s air-conditioning system for refrigerant gas leaks. The leak can be repaired and your vehicle’s gas tanks can be re-gassed.

Why Choose Natrad?

Australia’s most trusted name in auto air conditioning parts supplies and repairs

The largest network of radiator and air conditioning workshops in Australia

All of our aftermarket parts either meet or exceed original equipment (OE) specifications

All products supplied by our workshops are supported by a nationwide warranty


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Brands We Supply

Natrad’s exclusive 3-year nationwide warranty is supported by Australia’s leading radiator manufacturer and supplier, Adrad.

15% Discount Offer

Get more value when you nip into Natrad. We’re offering 15% off the cost of parts for your first service as thanks for choosing us. T&Cs apply.

  • How much does it cost to repair and replace a car’s auto air conditioning parts?

It depends on the vehicle and the parts that need repairing or replacing. Simple repairs could involve rectifying an electrical fault or flushing the system clean.

If major components such as the compressor have failed, then it will be more costly. A qualified technician has the equipment needed to identify these problems.

Original equipment parts will meet the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications but can also have a higher cost. If the vehicle is under warranty, then OE parts will usually be fitted.

Quality aftermarket parts can perform just as well (or sometimes even better) and offer very good value. Natrad can quote your repair with both and you can decide which you prefer.

We recommend that a trained professional undertakes any part replacements for an air conditioning system. A qualified technician is legally required to perform the work if it involves removing or adding refrigerant gas.

The air conditioning system is sealed to keep the refrigerant gas from escaping. A small amount of special oil is present in the system and circulates with the gas to keep moving parts and seals properly lubricated.

Operating your air conditioner for a few minutes every month (even in cold weather) will help to prevent the seals from drying out and leaking.

Auto air conditioning

Auto air conditioning

Auto air conditioning

Looking for a specialist in air conditioner repairs? Our workshops stock a massive range of OE and aftermarket air conditioner parts for vehicle repairs.
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