Mar 22 2020

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Auto detailing prices

Car Detailing Near Me

How long has it been since you’ve had your car shine like new? A good car detailing makes a world of difference in any vehicle. It can change your entire experience the next time you buckle-up for a drive or pick up that special someone for a date. Scroll down for the best deals on car detailing near you.


Detailing packages strip away dirt and road debris from car exteriors and leave interiors with a subtle shine

Auto technicians perform thorough interior and exterior car cleaning services to boost the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal

Professional car wash services include washing, polishing, waxing, and full detailing which leave the car shiny, and hygienic

Trained professionals provide thorough detailing services to leave the vehicle clean and well-maintained

Professionals meticulously restore the vehicle’s appearance or apply ceramic coating to preserve the paint

Owners can leave their vehicles in the hands of professional technicians who provide a thorough detail with optional ceramic coating

Vehicle detailing packages include services such as thorough interior and exterior cleaning, waxing, polishing, and leather treatment

Cars sparkle after complete details that include services like a hand wash, buffing, and interior deep-cleaning and shampooing

Detail specialists offer express wash, interior cleaning, a variety of detail services, hand wax, a la carte detail, and more

Technicians clean the interior and exterior of the client’s car with attention to detail

Professional mechanics provide an array of detailing, repair, and maintenance services that help restore vehicles to a new-like condition

Trained professionals provide interior and exterior detailing services to provide the vehicle with a clean, restored look

Techs tidy car interiors with water extraction and a heavy-duty cleaning solution and take a machine polisher to exterior surfaces

Techs wash and rinse exteriors, vacuum interiors, clean interior and exterior windows, and apply a tire treatment

Skilled technician performs interior and exterior detailing services that aim to make vehicles look as close to new as possible

Professional detailers perform a variety of services that aim to restore the vechicle’s shine and fresh look

Here is what our customers had to say about auto detailing on Groupon:

” Reviews are interesting things usually focusing on one experience. Sometimes it is good to note the excellence of quality , the obvious intent to do a good job from the front desk to the folks who do the work. I get the sense that employees there are well treated and managed well. By which I mean they are given clear directions and the tools to accomplish it. Good job.. “- Michael B.

” It took a little longer than anticipated but it had been awhile between washes. Excellent job overall but interior windows were a little dirty/streaky. Customer service/staff was good with friendly upbeat attitude. I’d definitely return!. “- Michael M.

” UGB DETAILING was very accommodating in getting my truck cleaned on short notice. My truck was quite hairy (long hair GSD) and they did quite a thorough job of cleaning inside and out. I have my wife’s car bring detailed currently and will share more once we pick it up.. “- David M.

” Great place of Service! My car hasn’t looked this good since I first got it (Almost five years ago)! Customer service is excellent. Outstanding work done with the interior detailing. I have kids and plenty of nieces and nephews so a pig stye is what drove in(needless to say) but with all honesty. I need to make a trip there at least twice a year for detailing. I highly recommend Logan Square Hand Car Wash and Detailing. Not enough stars to give the proper rating ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. “- Letitia P. W.

” My experience with Corey’s steam cleaning was unbelievable and the young man who works there is incredibly. His hospitality brings a smile to your face. The owner is so professional. I can say so much more but not enough room. My car was like new when I left I felt so good driving home. I will not only return but I will tell my friends and family. This where you can’t judge a book by its cover.. “- Tarsha G.

” Matt & Jeff always do a fantastic job on my SUV. I had an expired Groupon for Exterior Detail. Young man who checked my car in told me I would need an appointment so I opted for the Deluxe Wash package. When I went inside to pay I mentioned I has the Groupon & how do I make an appointment. She said, no appointment needed, we can take care of your car right now. Not only did they do a FANTASTIC job on my car, they honored the Groupon. “- Donna T.

” I have called me here before and always thought they were good. They recently got a new owner and now they are GREAT. The new owners have put in a lot of work and it shows. And the guys that waxed my car did a great job. Worked really hard. I thought the car looked great, but as I started to pull away they stopped me because they missed a spot! I was impressed. I’ll definitely be back.. “- Jennifer I.

Nearby Car Detailing

It’s easy to let a dirty vehicle get out of hand when you have a full schedule. But all of the snack crumbs, pesky items hidden beneath seats, and debris from shoes really start to add up. If you’re not careful, it can make your driving experience much less enjoyable.

Rest easy, and let the pros take care of it. Stop by your local car detailer today and make your car like new again. Whether you want to add value to a vehicle you’re planning to sell, or just want that new-car feeling again, a good detail is always a game-changer.

Auto detailing prices

Auto detailing prices

Auto detailing prices

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