Jul 31 2017

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About This Project

The Web App Monitoring Project

There are many tools available online to monitor and help improve the speed, functionality and performance of web applications, but it can be confusing and time consuming trying to test each tool. While this is by no means an all encompassing project, we feel like we have taken a fair cross section of the different web app monitoring tools on the market at the time of this writing. We hope this can be a simple source of information to help you navigate the vast sea of web performance and optimization tools.

To those who say, “What about this other tool?”. or “Have you seen the latest update to XYZ?”. Over time we will plan to include some additional tools as the market matures, but we have also seen a lot of consolidation in the market; where Company A bought out Company B and merged their products, then bought out Company C and scrapped the products from Company B. We try to stay away from those consolidated products and have chosen to start with monitoring platforms that have been proven in the marketplace for a number of years with strong solutions that stand up to the rest of the industry. We appreciate your patronage and hope this information has been valuable in finding the best solutions to fit your needs.

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