Nov 12 2017

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About Us

Our Mission

To provide sub-prime lending services to new and used automobile dealers in the US. We have tailored finance programs to fit most dealer’s needs to sell their hard to place credit risk customers to CAF.

California Auto Finance is a sister company to the original founding company, County Financial Services, which started in business in 1963. The original founder, Gene Leyton realized a need to offer sub prime lending to dealers who had customers that the banks would not finance. Sub Prime was not even a word or concept in those days and Mr. Leyton was a pioneer in starting this financing concept in California.

In 1978, Corey Leyton took over the business and continued the same business model as his father started. He offered more comprehensive funding programs that were very competitive and continued expanding his finance services in other states. California Auto Finance is one of the top sub-prime lenders in California and other southwestern states.

We have developed a specialized computer finance system that 100’s of other finance companies still use today.

We have also developed a  web based dealer portal where the dealer and his employees can access our system on line and review all pending credit applications, approvals, deals in for funding- with stips needed, overdue titles, and delinquency.  And there is an on line task system where you can send notes back and forth directly to your funder.

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