Sep 23 2017

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Who we are

Want to know what Local Splash can do for you? It’s simple; Our goal is to get your business the most traffic, qualified leads and exposure for the least amount of cost. This allows us to offer high quality local SEO services to thousands of businesses across the United States and Canada.

We do this by putting our proprietary technology in the hands of our expert staff. This means you don’t have to spend anymore time worrying about if your online marketing budget is well spent, we will prove it to you.

Local Splash can get your business found online.

Meet the team

David Rodecker Founder/CTO

David Rodecker


David has been involved with high-tech companies for over a decade. He led tech development at Interchange Corp. launching the fastest growing local search destination (

As a founding partner at Mail2World, he created an e-mail service and established its use to 6.5M hosted mailboxes. At PIMCO, David led the implementation of a high-capacity electronic exchange, which conducted over $1.2 trillion in trades during its first year.

David has also consulted as a technical analyst to Fortune 500 companies. He has appeared on CNBC and TechTV, evangelizing Web-hosted software services.

David graduated with an Engineering degree from USC as a Phi Kappa Phi scholar, and holds an MS degree in Biomathematics from UCLA.

Laure Muller Director of Project Management

Laure Muller

Director of Project Management

Laure started at Local Splash as a PPC Consultant and is now Director of Project Management. Her goal, in her current position, is to produce high-quality solutions and new initiatives that bring value to Local Splash customers.

Laure brings over 11 years of Internet marketing and management experience to the company. Prior to Local Splash, she worked for one of the top ten health websites where she managed PPC campaigns. Laure has a certificate in Business Studies from UCLA and a certificate in Internet Marketing from Learning Tree University. Laure also has a bachelor’s degree in microbiology from the University of Louis Pasteur of Strasbourg, and a master’s degree in marketing from the USTL of Lille, France.

Hitesh Choudhary Software Developer

Hitesh Choudhary

Software Developer

Hitesh’s daily responsibilities include maintenance of current code, fixing bugs, and product development. Hitesh enjoys the fact he also has time to work on miscellaneous projects he think might benefit the company. He states, “This would not be possible without the support of other team members. We learn from each other’s experiences and knowledge.”

Hitesh worked as a QA Engineer at Mellmo.Inc. but he wanted to work in development rather than testing. He got a job at Rhino Web Group, LLC where he started working on new .Net technologies. “I love exploring new tools and techniques that evolve continuously in the software industry,” says Hitesh. Hitesh has a bachelor’s degree in technology engineering from Kurukshetra University and a master’s degree in computer science from San Diego State University.

Anitha Nokku Software Developer

Anitha Nokku

Software Developer

Anitha’s daily responsibilities include developing and creating new features using .NET framework and C++ programming, creating and maintaining websites, dealing with API’s for enhancements and gathering Google data, creating various database level operations, and enhancing Mailer features.

Anitha started working in software development as an intern for CSS Technologies. Her first full-time job was at Magic Software Enterprises as a Junior Developer, working on Rich Internet Application development features. Then, she worked as a ColdFusion Developer at EStream, Inc. using an SQL server database for most of the CFML designs. Anitha graduated from the Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Science and Technology. She also has her master’s degree in computer science from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Anthony Devincentis Revenue Floor Manager

Anthony Devincentis

Revenue Floor Manager

Anthony enjoys working at Local Splash because no one day is ever like the next. “I get to interact with several different types of personalities throughout the day, which has helped me develop strong people skills.”

Prior to Local Splash, Anthony worked for Orange County Group in home refinancing, was a manager at Sundown Tanning, and worked in sales at 24 Hour Fitness. “At 24 Hour Fitness, I got to see people actually benefit from what I was selling, and the same goes for my experience at Local Splash.”

Anthony Devincentis pursued a degree in business administration at San Diego State University. “My learning hasn’t just ended with college. I learn new things all the time, here, at Local Splash.”

Employee Bio Questionnaire

Years of Sales Experience: 10 years
What is your favorite type of food?: Mexican
Who is your favorite sports team?: Los Angeles Kings
Tell me a fun fact about yourself: I have traveled to Europe 6 times in my life.

Tina Togafau Revenue Floor Supervisor

Lisa Patton does Local SEO Support here at Local Splash. Her daily duties include being responsible for performance work and optimization for all of the Enterprise accounts.

Lisa’s previous work experience were far different from here at Local Splash but still gave her some valuable skills in order to work in this field.

Before Local Splash, Lisa was a counselor to troubled teens for many years and even held a positioning bartending and in management for 12 years. Lisa was born at UCI and was raised here in Orange County. Currently she resides in Fullerton, which is also where she went to school. On the weekends she loves to go riding with her boyfriend on his Harley.

Kim’s responsibilities at Local Splash involve assisting the onboarding and performance for our enterprise accounts. This consists of doing research prior to listing setup, searching and removing duplicate listings, and submitting corrections on listings.

Kim worked in the restaurant and food manufacturing industry for most of her pre-Local Splash work experience. She was a buyer for a tofu manufacturing company in Fullerton, CA.

Working here at Local Splash has taught her new skills that help her be an SEO expert. “Now, with my local SEO certification, I can now say that I am an SEO expert. I know various methods to get the client’s website or IYP listings on or close to the ront page of SERPs. In turn, this can help with the client’s customer conversion and retention.”

Kim graduated from Cal State Fullerton and graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance. Kim was born and raised in Southern California and likes to play computer games, watch television shows, “knit the heck out of yarn” and draw, She is also an avid archer.

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