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Custom Solutions For Your Small Business

Flexible Funding Options for Your Small Business.

Your Small Business Partner.

A/R Financing

Since 1999, we’ve been providing customized accounts receivable financing anywhere from $20K to $2M to companies that need readily available cash flow to service their clients. Our solutions are designed to increase your working capital, while supporting your business growth. We are a completely month-to-month solution, with no application fees, additional monthly service fees or annual contracts.

Asset-Based Lending

Magnolia Financial offers Asset-Based Lines of credit up to $2 million. With Asset-Based lines of credit, we give you a revolving credit facility utilizing a borrowing base to determine your borrowing capacity. As your business and your accounts receivable grow, so does your credit facility with Magnolia Financial. While our ABL loans are primarily secured by your accounts receivable, we will consider inventory collateral as well.

Purchase Order Financing

Purchase Order Financing helps bridge the gap between a large purchase order and the capital needed to finance it. Unlike traditional factoring or asset-based lending, Magnolia Financial will help you secure the raw materials to fulfill your order, plus pay your supplier directly so you can get your product to your clients quickly, efficiently and affordably. This allows you to focus on delivering current orders and positions you financially to manage future orders.


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