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Date Published : July 30,2014

Imagination Meets Innovation with Acura Vehicle Technology

As Honda’s premium luxury vehicle brand, Acura never failed to impress and has come up with some of the best innovations in automotive tech throughout the years. Started back in the mid-1980s, Acura was born from a decade of research which resulted in the aptly named vehicle, the Acura Legend. A direct result of Project XX, which was a joint venture between Honda and the Austin Rover Group, the Legend began the company’s meteoric rise to popularity thanks to their bold sense of innovation, elegant aesthetics, and precision Japanese manufacturing. Today, Acura has launched a slew of advanced automotive tech that should soon be standard in most modern vehicles.

Keeping an eye on your blind spot

No matter how well designed, all cars will have a blind spot, which could prove to be a very dangerous handicap when you’re in an emergency situation. Acura has solved that problem by introducing their advanced Blind Spot Alert System, which is designed to warn you when any object begins to move into your blind spots. Other manufacturers may have similar devices in their vehicles, but they only work with objects that are moving at high speeds. Acura’s advanced system can pick up objects moving as slow as 6 miles per hour, which is really handy when you’re in slow moving traffic or in tight parking situations.

Advanced racing tech for the everyday driver

Acura has been in motorsports for years, and they’ve constantly adapted their experience with racing technology for further use by the average driver. We’re all familiar with the VTEC or Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control engine, which has given drivers unparalleled fuel efficiency and engine performance. But what most people are unfamiliar with are the more recent advances that they’ve placed in their vehicles today. Advanced devices such as tire pressure monitoring systems, super handling all-wheel drives, crash detection systems are now standard in most Acura vehicles. These innovative components and security systems have allowed several models to achieve the maximum five stars rating of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, making them some of the safest vehicles today.

Acura certainly does things differently, but it’s their vivid imagination that’s rooted in performance and practicality that sets them further apart from other manufacturers. You’re sure to see more from Acura for years to come, so don’t be surprised if they come with something that’ll change the automotive scene soon enough.

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