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Advance Auto Parts Customer Reviews:

TONS of savings right here!

I just emailed this list to a bunch of family and friends. I am blown away by the deals. I normally go to a local, smaller chain store for auto parts and such but this even beats out their prices and they run wholesale. Thanks a bunch for posting there. Perfect way to save and keep the car in check!

How to get Advance Auto Parts 40% Off Entire Order

From my experience I don’t recall existence of pure 40% off coupon. But here is the advice how you can achieve Advance Auto Parts 40% Off Entire Order – they always run such kind of promotions: $40 Off $100 = 40%, $30 Off $80 = 37.5%, $20 Off $50 = 40%. So be sure that each of your orders totals is just a bit more than $50, $80 or $100. And don’t forget to apply coupon code!

Great Customer Service

The LaCrosse Wisconsin Advanced Auto Parts Store has the best customer Service ever. Dave, Larry, and the gang are just awesome. Thanks guys. I am a customer for life. Oh, and I will miss Ashely. Please bring her back.

Just a note of gratitude

Thank you very much to Franco, the website and the discount codes.

Recently I had to spend roughly $1070 at Advance Auto Parts. Strategically I broke the order up into 10 different orders to maximize the discounts. I saved $365 due to your good codes. I’ve used other websites before only to find bad codes. Yours were 100% good.

Again many thanks

Advance Auto Parts military discount code

I was intended to buy a driveworks suspension control arm. I was going to our local store but a friend of mine said that I could get the best price when I made a purchase online. Many web sites offer this item but not all of them have ongoing promotions. Therefore, I stopped at Advance Auto Parts online store and I was looking for Advance Auto Parts military discount code to get my savings but I did not find such kind of code. It seems they don’t exist. However, fortunately for me the current promotion $50 off $100 for the first 500 customers made the deal for me! I was lucky enough to get my items almost half a price.

Save a lot of money

Love Advance Auto Parts for their service but I love them even more for their promotions and possibility to save a lot of money on car repair. I happily used $50 off $100 coupon online for purchasing a new car battery. Wow, amazing, beautiful! Is there any other auto parts store that can give you 50% discount? I doubt it.

My experience is extremely positive

My experience with Advance Auto Parts is extremely positive. I visited Advance Auto Parts at Colman St in New London to get an automotive battery and was helped by Jeremy. Before selling the battery he wished to test the battery that turned out that it was excellent however the bolts weren’t connected, he fixed the problem with no charge.

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