Jan 31 2017

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Auto City

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I r*financ*d a r*pair that was n*v*r mad* to my v*hicl* for $1273.00 and got th* run around for a y*ar for a r*fund or r*pair.

I purchas*d a 2006 Ch*vy Trailblaz*r in May 2012,in Jun* 2013 I r*financ*d a r*pair for $1273, months lat*r (Octob*r 2013)my ch*ck *ngin* cam* back on and i was advis*d it was du* to a s*nsor and h*adlight that also n**d*d r*placing,whil* at o R*illy g*tting my light r*plac* th* work*r/m*chanic advis*d I should g*t my fan clutch look*d at it was wobbling, I contact*d my sal*s r*p **** and h*r manag*r *********** shop manag*r ****** about g*tting in th* shop for s*cond look was told for s*v*ral months r*pair shop is crowd*d I would hav* to l*av* my car for w**ks and continu* to mak* paym*nts until th* r*pair shop could g*t to my car and that th*y no long*r gav* out loan*r cars,Nov*mb*r 2014 until th* pr*s*nt I hav* b**n contacting th*m and as of May 2015 paid off th* v*hicl* and talks about r*funding m* for th* r*pair or to hav* it fix*d at anoth*r shop du* th* th* s*rvic* shop still ov*rcrowd*d and book*d has stopp*d and I am b*ing told th* original r*spons* l*av* th* car and th*y will g*t to it wh*n th*y can, probl*m is I hav* no oth*r car to driv* and still no loan*r car is b*ing off*r*d.I hav* paid for a s*cond opinion from AAMCO TRANSMISSIONS F*b 2015 that confirm*d th* sam* r*pairs that w*r* on th* sam* invoic* paid for in July 2013 that I had b**n complaining about sinc* 2014,suppli*d copi*s to Auto City manag*r ****** and R*p ******* dat*,7/22, I hav* b**n told now that my car is paid and th* r*pair is *xactly 2 y*ars old I cannot g*t any mon*y or r*pairs! I visit*d th* r*pair shop w*r* I witn*ss*d oth*r custom*rs complaining of r*p*at*d r*pairs and no loan*r cars but curr*nt on th*ir not*s not b*ing assist*d or tr*at*d as a valu*d custom*r.What can b* don* or is small claims th* rout* I should b* taking

Desired Settlement

Ms. ******* bought a 2006 Chevrolet Trailblazer with 103,000 miles on 5/17/2012. Around February 2013, she had a wreck which needed extensive repairs which we performed. The vehicle at this time had 121,197 miles on it. The vehicle was next seen at our shop on 7/1/2013 with 128,160 for the repairs in question and the Ms. ******* was charged 1273.96. It returned on 9/3/2013 needing further repairs related to the previous visit which we performed at no cost. Ms. *******’s next visit was over 1 year later on 10/14/2014 and the vehicle had 167,318 miles almost 40,000 miles more since her last repair. On April 13, 2015, Ms. ******* contacted our dispute resolution department. Subsequently, our service manager contacted Ms. ******* and set up an appointment on April 15th to examine the vehicle. Ms. ******* did not keep the appointment. In any other circumstances, we would have to deny her request. However, Ms. ******* has been a valued customer since 2012 and has subsequently purchased a 2012 Mazda6 in February. Her satisfaction is very important to us and we’d like to show our gratitude for her continued support. We have placed a 1300 payment on her new account which will allow her to skip her next 5 car payments.

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