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Peters Auto Mall


Bought a vehicle on 1/1/14 and the vehicle still hasnt been delivered into my possession so for 20+ days they had a car that I purchased.

I want to know if this falls under the Lemon-Law basically I purchased an Audi ** from Peter’s Auto Mall. There were several things that needed to get done/fixed on the WeOwe sheet before I was to take possession of above vehicle. The vehicle has been to **** of ********** on numerous occasions then back to Peters Auto Mall. I’ve received every excuse under the sun as to why it hasn’t been fixed and in my possession. I as as consumer had to due numerous calls to **** on my behalf cause of the lack of follow through on Peters behalf it was as if they didnt care as to the time that I would be w/o my Audi Q7. Today is day 22nd of January, I called **** they said the vehicle would be ready for me to pick up and come to find out that it was already picked w/o my consent or knowledge by Peters Auto Mall, due to the less then ethical business practices. as well as the absolutely disrespectful way I have been treated I want to be able to get my motorcycle back that I used as a trade in, in undamaged form (no scratches or dings) as well as the handlebar strap that was used to tie motorcycle down. Peters Auto Mall has less then desirable business skills and practices and they can keep their Audi ** that I had for one day before it wouldn’t start.

To have the auto purchase contract rescinded/terminated and get my 04′ Suzuki ***** *** all black motorcycle back as well tie-down strap that was never returned after they moved motorcycle to their shop.

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