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2015 Car Insurance Satisfaction Survey

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By: John Pape | 5 / 5 | 2 years ago

I am currently insured with Allstate and another Allstate person ran into my car while it was parked. The claims processor was really easy to work with, got me in right away and I had a check in my hand that same day. It was a great experience and super easy.

By: ffuaeb | 1 / 5 | 13 months ago

Unexpected 20% montly rate increase for no apparent reason. The representative said she didn’t know the reason but that the number of company claims overall had increased and this cost is passed on to customers, and said maybe since I was 71 that could have raised my rates too. I’d had no claims or incident of any kind for decades. So I’m paying extra for someone else’s insurance claim. She said if I’d had a claim the cost would have been much higher. Lucky me. I dropped them at once and changed to another carrier where I got a lower cost for more extensive coverage. Allstate gets a very negative rating from me. I know you’ve heard this many times from disgruntled customers but personally I’d advise against using Allstate as a carrier. Their attitude and view of their customer base is less than desirable.

By: ssx1 | 5 / 5 | 2 years ago

I think it all depends on how good of an agent you have. My current agent is awesome, great rates, open 8am-8pm M-S annual reviews to check discounts. In the past I dealt with a horrible agent who was never there wouldn’t return my calls. If you get a good agent who will help you with claims make sure that the premium doesn’t go up then Allstate can’t be beat.

By: Janet Rego | 3 / 5 | 14 months ago

A nice general review stating facts about Allstate. I would have liked to know more about the most common complaints they have received. I have used Allstate as my insurance provider for the last 19 years and have never had any problems what so ever.

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I had to file a claim as someone hit my parked car. Allstate approved the claim and sent me to their preferred repair shop. The repairs were great. However, after telling me they issued payment to my account electronically the money never showed up. My car was repaired and If I wanted it is have to pay out of my own pocket. I spent a total of 6 hours on the phone with claims and made at least 20 phone calls to their office and my agent. No one was any help and I had to explain every time I called. I was hung up on and treated like I was trying to cheat them out of money. They acknowledged that they could see the money was never sent to my account but since they did not know where they had sent it then I had to wait till they resolved. I have had Allstate for years and never once late for a payment. After threatening to take them to court they finally cut me a check. I will be shopping for a new insurance company immediately.

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