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Andys auto sport

Andys auto sport

Ordered Extreme Dumensions fenders from this site. Shipping was decent and arrived in good condition. But before you order from this website, please note that they are a middle man, the odd man out, the 3rd wheel. You are not buying the products from andysautosport, youre buying them from the actual manufacturer or vendor. This makes troubleshooting and general getting customer service very dificult. You contact them, then they contact the vendor, then the vendor contacts andys then andys contacts you. Its a long process of waiting and it is rather foolish. Its like playing an old fashioned game of telephone. I had to contact both the vendor and andys to put together both of their stories to develop a mid ranged conclusion of the two, rather varied stories. The fenders did not fit at all, it was terrible, the fenders are of sloppy and unfinished condition, mounting points are wrong, angles are incorrect, curves are mishapen and overall shape was totally incorrect. Set me back $400 including shipping and I’ve waited nearly a week for a resolution. The company that made the fenders, although sounds harsh, should’nt even be in business. I could have made a better fender myself. Luckily I payed with Paypal and they insured my transaction. Stay away from this website and stay away from aftermarket bumpers, hoods, fenders, side skirts, etc. OEM is the best fit and will always be guarunteed. I have had a quite unpleasant experience with this purchase calling all kinds of people and trying to get a resolution and trying not to be involved in a big game of musical telephones. Order from amazon, a trusted seller on ebay, or directly from the manufacturer, cut out the middle man and please for god sakes stay away from aftermarket body panels. I will update when a resolution is met.

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