Oct 4 2016

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Annually, drivers pay $387 more than they should

Life Lessons: Answers for auto insurance


According to a national financial survey, 88 percent of Americans find shopping for car insurance frustrating and time consuming.

The average driver shops for car insurance once every 12 years. Annually, drivers pay $387 more than they should. Your first tip, buckle down and shop often.

Start with your state insurance commissioner’s site to read real reviews and see insurance companies listed by price. Talk to your local body shop. Ask what insurance they find easiest to work with for repairs and paying the bill.

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Cut out coverage you don’t need. Have a spare car key so you never need a locksmith. Know how to change a tire and remove rental car coverage if you keep up your car’s maintenance. Economy rental cars can be costly, but you may never need one.

Finally, don’t deny yourself the discounts. Seventy-seven percent of insurers offer a good student price that takes off an extra 16 percent. And those with a college degree pay 45 percent less than a high-school educated worker.

Remember you’re never locked in to your auto policy. You can cancel at any time and receive a full refund for the remaining balance at your old insurer.

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