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Antique Auto Insurance

Antique auto insurance

Antique auto insurance

Antique auto insurance

West Virginia Antique Auto Insurance

Antique auto insuranceYeager Insurance is proud to offer coverage for the owners of collector and classic cars and trucks. Each individual policy is customized according to the unique needs of each collector vehicle owner, and offers much more comprehensive coverage than is offered by a standard auto insurance policy. To ensure that you will receive the full extent of your car’s ensured value, we offer a Guaranteed Value policy.

Our service and knowledge

We appreciate the collector car market and recognize that it is important for car collectors to insure classic cars for their true value. We handle claims for damage to classic cars better than other insurance companies, and even employ a parts specialist who is dedicated to tracking down the exact replacement parts you need.

Here are some of the criteria to qualify for our Antique Auto Insurance program:

Usage: Vehicle must not be used for daily transportation.

Storage: Vehicle must be stored securely within an enclosed structure.

Regular-use vehicles: All drivers residing within the household must have access to a regular-use vehicle for their daily transportation needs.

Driver eligibility: Households are expected to have no more than one or two accidents or minor traffic violations in order to qualify.

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