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Application Requirements For Vehicle Dealers Auto Commercial

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  • Vehicle Dealer Handbook (PDF )
  • Vehicle Industry Procedures (VIP) Manual (formerly the Dealer’s Handbook)
  • Autobroker’s Endorsement
  • Guide for Licensed Vehicle Dealers and Lessor-Retailers (PDF )
  • Occupational Licensure Product List (PDF )
  • Buy/Sell Procedures for New Vehicle Dealers

Vehicle Dealer Original License Forms (Including Autobroker)


Note: Forms may be completed before printing

Please print the appropriate check list to obtain a list of all the forms and any additional documents required for each license:

Application forms may also be printed individually from the following list:

Additional Required Application Package Documents:

  • Certificate of Completion, Dealer Education Program (Used Vehicle Dealers and Wholesale-Only Dealers)
  • Proof of successfully passing the Used Dealer Test administered by DMV (Used Vehicle Dealers only and Wholesale-Only Dealers). A fee of $16.00 will be collected for each examination administered by the department.
  • Letter of Authorization (New Trailer Dealers only; required for each line)
  • If filing as a Corporation, Limited Liability Company or Limited Liability Partnership owned businesses only: A copy of Articles of Incorporation, Corporate Minutes or other document filed with the Secretary of State, which identifies the officers, share holders and managers.
  • Copy of your Fictitious Name Statement
  • Signed copy of lease or rental agreement. Proof of property ownership may be required.
  • Copy of your City and/or County Business License
  • Copy of Board of Equalization Resale Permit
  • Photograph(s) of business location, refer to Photograph Procedures

Place of Business Inspection

After you have arranged an appointment with an Occupational Licensing Inspector he or she will inspect the place of business where the dealer conducts business.

  • The office of the principal place of business and each location of the dealership must be established to the extent that its construction is not temporary, transitory, or mobile in nature, except that a trailer coach office is acceptable providing it is not part of the dealer’s vehicle inventory being offered for or subject to sale while being used as an office of the dealership and otherwise meets the requirements of the Vehicle Code. The place of business is a place actually occupied either continuously or at regular periods by the dealer. Section 320, CVC .
  • Inspect all books and records pertinent to the business. CVC Section 320 (a). CVC Section 1670. and CVC Section 1671 and CCR Title 13, Section 270.00, 270.02, 270.04 and 272.00
  • Inspection of Display Area (not required if wholesale only). After you have arranged an appointment with an Occupational Licensing Inspector he or she will inspect the display area to ensure:
    • The display area of the principal place of business shall be of sufficient size to physically accommodate vehicles of a type for which the dealership is licensed to sell.
    • The display area must be clearly for the exclusive use of the dealer for display purposes only.
    • Additional display areas are permitted within a radius of 1,000 feet from the principal place of business and any licensed branch location without being subject to separate licensing. However, such display areas must also meet the signing requirement as identified in Vehicle Code Section 11709 (a) .Title 13, Section 270.08, 270.08 (a) and 270.08 (b)
  • Inspection of Signs (not required if Wholesale Only Dealer). After you have arranged an appointment with an Occupational Licensing Inspector he or she will inspect the sign(s) to ensure:

Signs must be of a permanent nature, erected on the exterior of the office or on the display area, and be constructed or painted and maintained so as to withstand reasonable climatic effects and be readable as provided for in CVC Section 11709. CCR. Title 13, Section 270.06

A temporary sign or device may suffice when a permanent sign is on order. Evidence of such order shall be submitted to the Department prior to issuance of a temporary permit or license. CVC Section 11709(a)

Other Permits and Licenses

Copies of the following permits and/or licenses from other agencies must be submitted with your application:

Board of Equalization Resale Permit (Revenue and Taxation Code, Section 6066 and 6067)

All licensees selling vehicles or vessels, retail or wholesale, are required to file an application for a Seller’s Permit. The purpose of the permit is to enable the licensee to collect taxes on sales. There is no fee for the permit, but a deposit may be required. Applications can be made through your local Board of Equalization office. A copy of this permit is required as part of the application for a dealer and lessor-retail license. Pursuant to California Vehicle Code Sections 11617(a)(6) and 11721(f), the Department may automatically cancel your dealer or lessor-retail license for failure to maintain a valid seller’s permit.

Pursuant to Revenue and Taxation Code Section 6014, “Seller” includes every person engaged in the business of selling tangible personal property of a kind the gross receipts from the retail sale of which are required to be included in the measure of the sales tax.

Questions should be referred to BOE at (800) 400-7115 or refer to information published at Board of Equalization Publication 73(PDF ) .

City and/or County Business License

Licensees are required to obtain a city or county business license by the city or county licensing section in the area where the licensee is doing business. Contact your local city or county to obtain the business license. A copy of this permit is required as part of the application for a dealers license. If the City/County does not issue business licenses; a tax certificate or letter on non-issuance is required as part of the application for a dealers license.

Other Requirements:

Business Partner Automation Program (BPA)

New Vehicle Dealers – Participation in the Business Partner Automation Program is mandatory for new vehicle dealers. Instructions are available at:

The following permits and/or licenses MAY be required by other agencies.

Department of Consumer Affairs Bureau of Automotive Repair

Dealers who will be providing automobile servicing and repair are required to file an application with their local Bureau of Automotive Repair office. The application process takes approximately six to eight weeks and includes a fee.

Bureau of Security and Investigative Service, Repossession Agency

Original Application Fees

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