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Associates degree physical therapy, associates degree physical therapy.#Associates #degree #physical #therapy


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Associates degree physical therapy

  • Therapeutic

    Massage Technician

    Associates degree physical therapy

  • Advanced


    Associates degree physical therapy

  • Physical

    Therapist Assistant

    Associates degree physical therapy

  • Associate Degree

    In Biomedical Technology

    Associates degree physical therapy

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    Technician Program

    Associates degree physical therapy

  • Healthcare Careers in Miami/Hialeah – The Praxis Institute

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    Our Programs

    Dental Assistant Program & other Healthcare Careers

    The Praxis Institute was founded in 1988 as America Duran Skin Care, Massage Nail School. In 1991, the institution began expanding its academic scope into Miami massage school and healthcare programs, and in 1999, the school changed its name to The Praxis Institute. Over the years, our focus as an academic community has remained constant ? we strive to provide career education in employable fields for students and their communities.

    Dental Assistant

    Dental Assisting is a comprehensive 11-months diploma program. Information is delivered in theory and supplemented with practical hands-on experience as well as 80 hours of externship. The program is designed to provide students with knowledge on chair side procedures, patient care and clinical and administrative routines of a dental practice.

    Therapeutic Massage Technician

    This program trains men and women to enter the growing field of Therapeutic Massage. Heavy emphasis is placed on student’s developing dexterity in applying massage techniques. The main objective is for the student to have knowledge of the human physiology and anatomy. To apply successfully Hydrotherapy, Heliotherapy, and, Therapeutic massage.

    Advanced Therapeutic, Sports & Clinical Massage

    Students will obtain certification in Spa Therapies, Deep Tissue, Sport Massage, Electro Stimulation, Ultrasound, Laser, Neuromuscular Therapy (granted by International Academy of Neuromuscular Therapies through partnership with TPI), and Holistic Manual Lymphatic Drainage (granted by the Manual Lymph Drainage Institute International through partnership with TPI) in order to seek employment in spas, facilities that treat athletic injuries or in clinical and medical settings where massage therapy is part of a patient’s rehabilitation program. Graduates will have skills to expand their marketability as massage therapist.

    Pharmacy Technician Program

    The Pharmacy Technician Program at The Praxis Institute will train you in all the different aspects of becoming a Pharmacy Technician. Course offers Sterile and non-sterile preparations of medications, chemotherapy agents and all types of inventory processes for hospital, retail, and community pharmacies.

    Physical Therapist Assistant

    The physical therapist assistant (PTA) performs physical therapy interventions and related tasks under the direction and supervision of a physical therapist. Such duties may include training patients in therapeutic exercise and activities of daily living, using physical agents such as cold, heat, electricity, or water for pain relief and healing, instructing persons in the use of assistive devices for walking, participating in wound care, promoting wellness and injury prevention, providing patient and family education, training patients in wheelchair activities, assisting the physical therapist in performing patient assessments and complex interventions and much more.

    Associate Degree In Biomedical Technology

    Biomedical technology is a medical field that utilizes engineering and technology for designing, operating, calibrating, testing and maintaining medical devices seeing in hospitals, medical clinics and laboratories.

    Associate Degree In Biomedical Technology

    Are you interested in Associate Degree In Biomedical Technology? This program provides the student training in electronics technology with specialized emphasis on medical applications and computer systems technology.

    • Associates degree physical therapy
    • Associates degree physical therapy
    • Associates degree physical therapy

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