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Over 165,000+ cars listed for sale. Direct source to the Auto Auctions online. Easy export worldwide. Best car buying service. Get Free Price Quotes.

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Due to having extensive experience of importing and exporting cars from the USA, we will carefully follow all of the stages of your order execution.

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Browse all cars auction to find the cheapest vehicles for sale: automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, RVs, commercial, salvage, boats many more.

Why should you buy cars from the USA?

Auction Auto USA is an exclusive broker that can provide you with a vehicle from USA that has quality, payment, and delivery guarantees. Auction Auto USA Inc, is located in the United States of America, and is operating with a valid business license that is registered with the U.S. Company.

From day one, our company s foundation has worked strictly within all aspects of the law, as well as carrying out all of our obligations. With our organized principles that include respecting customer satisfaction as well as business transparency.

We have served our auto dealer customers worldwide for many years. We have no fake pictures, and only provide real auction vehicles that are for sale. We update our auto fleet daily, with new and used cars, motorcycles, trucks and other heavy equipment. Now we provide thousands of cheap used cars that come from a online car auction .

The potential customers that we have who want and plan to purchase a car from USA will always be provided with the proper phone numbers, live chat, skype, and other forms of contact for gaining the full assistance that is needed in your vehicle purchase.

Our experienced managers will help you to select the right car and then to coordinate with all of the order details.

Our reputation is the one thing that we hold the highest value of, so in turn we do our best to satisfy all of our customers with a great vehicle purchase experience.

Selling Vehicles from USA Auctions

Although there are normally high taxes and a mass popularity of localized vehicles, it has been shown that imported cars from USA are strongly in demand as of now. So you may be asking, why is the popularity of an online car auction consistently rising? First, it is due to the high quality of manufacturing the car. Second, it is due to there being a competitive cars price.

There is normally a lower price offered by the Japan car auction competitors. Last, cars from USA can normally be purchased at affordable prices or they will receive the best deal. USA car auction is not only offering American vehicles, you can also buy a car, motorcycle, and others that are manufactured within Europe, or purchase a Japanese vehicle which has European equipment.

Reasons to Trust Us

Since we are able to provide all of our customers with a variety of different services, starting from purchasing used cars and finishing with any of their shipping from USA. We will deliver any vehicle to any country or port city by sea, railway, or road. Our company also helps to select a vehicle among all of our cars for sale, according to the following:

  • The budget of our customers
  • The individual requirements that are needed
  • The technical condition of the used vehicle
  • The type of vehicle equipment
  • The manufacture year, model year, etc.

Due to our extensive experience in importing cars from USA, we will carefully follow all of the stages of the order execution. You are able to place your order without having to leave your office or home, by simply using our website. Our trained managers will be able to consult and assist you in selecting your new or used car.

Car Buying Benefits

If you are looking to purchase a prestigious and powerful vehicle that contains a large engine, the second hand car auction in the USA is your best choice. The total cost of the car from USA, such as truck, sedan, or jeep that has a 2-2.5 liter engine will be very affordable and that includes the custom and delivery expenses. An example, if you went to purchase a Toyota Land Cruiser on the USA car auction, it will cost you 30-45% less than using the right-hand standard from the Japanese auction. This is why many of the vehicles imported from USA tend to be luxury, SUV s and elite cars that you will hardly find within Europe. There is a well known advantage when it comes to purchasing used cars from USA, it is the good technical condition. Why is the technical condition always so good? Below are some reasons for this:

  • Roads in America tend to have a smooth surface, so the suspensions on cars will stay in good condition.
  • USA car owners tend to be punished to the full extent of the law when it comes to traffic offenses, so they consistently monitor the technical health of the car.

As you can tell, there is no risk when you buy a used car that has exterior defects or serious technical issues.

Juridical Purity Is Guaranteed

The sale system at USA car auto auction is reliable and clear so that our customers can be ensured that the technical vehicle condition that is selected, is as is. Customers are able to get full detailed information about the past of the vehicle. Each of the used cars has an auction inspection sheet that has the full description of the biography and condition. If the vehicle has had a defect, the car auction inspection sheet will be able to describe what type of defect and what it cost to fix it. Any used cars for sale that have been in a disaster or accident are sold separately. Any potential buyers of a used vehicle in USA may use the Federal information system CarFax in order to receive full data about each American car since it was first purchased until it was registered with USA car auction. This allows customers to have no risk when they buy a used car with a dark past, as it sometimes happens in Europe, where many of the vehicles that are for sale do not have a CarFax history. The information that is provided is accurate and is guaranteed twice, first by the USA car auction and then by our company.

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