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Selling with Auctions America is easy! Follow the steps outlined below:

STEP 1 – Contact

Contact an Auctions America representative. Our Auctions America Car Specialists are fully immersed in the collector car hobby. They have the passion, knowledge and experience that are needed to successfully market your vehicle.

STEP 2 – Discuss

Discuss the lot(s) you would like to sell with your specialist. This discussion will address the following matters:

  1. Vehicle specifics, such as year/make/model, condition and authenticity to help arrive at a reasonable market value.
  2. What auction venue (as we have many) would be the best fit for both you, and your vehicle(s).
  3. Commission structure, entry fee, and whether or not you prefer to list the car with reserve. (Note, a reserve price is a maximum bid amount set by the seller that the car must achieve in order to sell at auction.)
  4. The information you will need to provide us with to properly market your vehicle(s) in advance of the auction. This usually includes a detailed description of the vehicle’s condition and a briefing on any restoration or modification the vehicle might have undergone. Your specialist will also review our photography requirements in order to include the car on our website, and in any pre-sale promotional materials.

STEP 3 – Agree

Once a verbal agreement has been met, your specialist will send you our consignment agreement. Agree to Auctions America’s Terms and Conditions of sale. Any questions regarding these conditions or any other concerns you may have can be answered by your car specialist. Remit the entry fee and take care of any necessary paperwork (requirements will be listed on your consignment form). Questions about the necessary paperwork can be answered by our experienced administration department .

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