Mar 15 2018

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Atlanta auto auction

Public Auto Auction

Towing Company Public Auto Auctions

In Georgia, when a vehicle is impounded, the owner of the vehicle is required to pay certain fees in order to reclaim a towed vehicle. The fee for the towing service is mandatory and there may be fees for administrative costs and vehicle storage. The vehicle storage fees are accrued for each day the vehicle is stored beyond the first 24 hours after the car was towed and impounded. Any vehicle not claimed within 30 days of being towed may be sold at auction. We have monthly auto auctions in Marietta GA.

Types of Vehicles Sold At Auction

Atlanta auto auctionWe are a towing company and auction abandoned vehicles to cover expenses incurred from towing and impounding vehicles. The types of vehicles that we present at our public auto auctions depend solely upon what vehicles we have towed and are unclaimed.

K O Towing is not a used car dealer or otherwise in the business of seeking to provide motor vehicles of any particular condition or value. The types of vehicles sold at our auction typically includes older model cars and trucks; however we do sometimes have motorcycles or late model vehicles.

Auto Auction Consumer Advisement

All vehicles sold at our auctions are deemed abandoned vehicles and have not been inspected, tested or serviced by our company. Our company does not have any knowledge on the vehicle’s condition or service history. We strongly recommend that prior to bidding on any vehicle to be auctioned you take time to view and inspect the vehicle(s) in which you have an interest. All vehicles sold at auction are presented and sold AS IS and without any implied, expressed or formal warranty. Anyone purchasing a vehicle at our auctions assumes all risks and responsibilities associated with owning a motor vehicle in Georgia.

Buyers of any vehicle sold at auction will be given a Bill of Sale, and may request a copy of a Court Order or similar paperwork needed to request a vehicle title from the Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles. We do not provide administrative or legal services for obtaining motor vehicle titles or car insurance. More information may be found on the GA Department of Revenue website.

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