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Auto Body Shop Tools + Equipment

Now, if you get a dent on your vehicle’s body, a crack on a windshield or anything else, you do not need to go to automotive repair shops or garages and pay extra cost for service. Thanks to our wide selection intended for experienced professionals and DIYers in the automotive repair job, you can do a paint job, repair scratches and dents and even repair damage caused by collisions. All you need to do is check out our range of auto body repair tools and equipment!

Whatever repair or restoration job your vehicle requires, should you be a professional or a novice, you have to build your own tool box. For a simple work of painting the car, you will surely need an air compressor and a spray gun. They all are manufactured from highly durable materials and will serve for a long time. We have undercoat spray guns and spray gun accessories, like spray gun regulators, cleaning and repair kits, etc. In our selection, you’ll find all the most commonly used types of auto body repair tools and equipment, so you don’t need to look further!

As for dents repair, we have a large assortment of tools and equipment that will restore a shiny and smooth look of your vehicle’s body. Among them are various spoons, like light ding spoon or body dolly spoon, pull rods, slide hammers, numerous dollies, like railroad dolly, general purpose dolly block, toe dolly, etc., different suction cups to pull larger panels out, and other tools for aligning and straitening bumpers, hoods, panels, doors, etc. Our range offers you the right tools for all kinds of unique jobs, of all possible sizes and for various materials from aluminum alloys to stainless steel.

Of course, not only metal parts of the body can be repaired using our tools, the windshield of your vehicle can also be restored using a whole line of special tools and equipment our online store is jam-packed with. A great deal of suction cups, both single and dual, windshield removal tools, windshield removal kits that contain wire starting tool, wire handles and the braided golden cut out wire itself, and many other separate tools and tool kits are available here. Whatever tool you choose, it is built to last and is covered by a comprehensive warranty. Restore your vehicle saving your time and money with us!

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