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Auto Buyer Consultants “Helps People Buy Cars”. we like to say, “No Droids!”

As online experiences on the Internet and across Social Media become a norm for the Auto Buying Process, rely upon Auto Buyer Consultants to deliver the informational reviews on the newest cars, best dealerships, even the top websites you need to make car buying easier than ever before.

At Auto Buyer Consultants, we are home to the Nation’s First Online Network of Auto Retail Professionals, called The Auto Buyer Consultants Membership Network.  As these pro’s work together to benefit their collective ‘books of clients’, consumers are able to access their insights and inventories and buy the proverbial, “Perfect Car” from the “Perfect Person”. is an example of the Virtual Dealership spaces where these connections are made between consultants and consumers.  Every car deal requires these parties.  And, here at Auto Buyer Consultants, we believe after all, “buying a car ain’t that hard. “


Established in 2004.

Auto Buyer Consultants, LLC was established early in the 2000’s as a millennial answer to the changing dynamic of auto retail.

As a supply to demand from especially female car buying clients, industry pioneer D. Rawls began affording his consulting abilities to friends and family of his clientele in ’03 to ’04.  After successfully establishing a network to support the transactions of his clientele, Mr. Rawls formed Auto Buyer Consultants, LLC with two colleagues to introduce an online version of what became, The Auto Buyer Consultants Membership Network.

Utilizing ‘the handshake’ as a transaction-based revenue model for leveraging auto retail future, Auto Buyer Consultants developed products and services to accommodate the needs of consumers in the online automotive market place and marketed them to financial institutions and other enterprises with existing virtual relationships with the consumers.

As a result, “The Future is an Amusement Park” conceptualized into auto retail future

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