Jan 26 2017

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On March 1, 2011, I ordered merchandise from for $499.95 plus $30.00 shipping for a total of $529.95. The merchandise I received was defective so I called the company and spoke with “Joanie” who told me to return the merchandise via UPS and I would receive a refund, less the shipping charges. I did as instructed but did not receive a refund. Instead, replacement merchandise showed up on my doorstep.

After weeks without any sign of a refund, I called a third time and was told that “Joanie” was too busy to take my call and that “Brian” no longer worked for the company. Instead, I was directed to the General Manager (who wouldn’t give me his name) and was told that I would NOT be getting a refund and that I was only entitled to store credit. I explained that this was my third attempt and that neither of the people I spoke to before had told me this. In fact, both had told me that I COULD receive a refund if I returned the merchandise. As neither of the first two people with who I had spoken seemed to be available (or employed), I was hoping he would honor what I had been told repeatedly. Also, I had already paid $30.00 in shipping TWICE to return the items in question – not to mention the fact that I was prepared to pay the original item’s shipping cost – so a refund seemed all the more in order. The General Manager, however, didn’t listen to a word I said and, in fact, was out and out insulting to me and laughed rudely hanging up on me.

Please understand that I have done everything within my power to resolve this issue and I have been both patient and professional with a company that has been ANYTHING but professional. I have operated completely within their guidelines for returns and exchanges and they have failed to honor their own policies or employees’ promises.

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