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?07-03-2010 06:55 AM

I have not heard of them. You may want to check out to see if they have any information. I would stick with a reputable company. Have you tried just going down to the car dealership and letting them run your information? I would recommend checking out companies such as Capital One and Drive Financial. Though they charge very high interest rates, they have been known to specialize in those with problems on their credit. Unfortunately with that bad loan through Citi Auto, that is considered a bad sign because Citi Auto also specializes in providing auto loans to those that have had trouble in the past.

It seems that your credit score is extremely low with those items being so old. Do you have anything recent that is causing your credit score to be so low? Any lates? Also, do you have any currently opened major credit cards that show you are being responsible with your credit. The first step may be for you to try to obtain a secured credit card for 6-8 months to help build your score. Do you have a downpayment that you can use? It may be easier to get financed if you have a substantial downpayment.

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