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over a year ago

Second Chance Financing That is what they do. Help you rebuild your credit. Now for some of the posters here, let us examine that statement, Help you rebuild your credit.

HELP YOU – How? They loan you money when you have rather consistently proven that you don’t/can’t pay your bills on time, or at all.

REBUILD – Note that it is NOT build. It is rebuild. That s right, you HAD credit, but some other companies learned a lesson by losing revenue by giving you credit at a reasonable interest rate.

YOUR CREDIT – It is YOUR credit. Not theirs. Take care of it. If you can’t make a payment on time, call them before they call you. As long as repayment arrangements are made (and this is key – made and MET) the phone calls will ease up considerably.

If you are sent to Auto Credit, you are a high risk loan. Thus the high interest rate. If you don’t repay it your car gets repossessed. Does it really take an advanced degree in aeronautical propulsion systems to figure this out?!

And the paying every two weeks? That s when you get paid. The concept here is that if your payment is due when you get paid, it should be easier both to remember and to pay. Those thoughtless, heartless bastards!

You were not forced to sign your contract that had the interest rate plainly stated upon it. The due dates follow your paydays. Payment books? I have not seen one of those for a major loan since the Eighties. Come on people, instead of bitching about a company that is willing to take a big risk on you, either honor your debt or don t sign, take your down payment money and buy a beater.

Oh, and just a word on netiquette typing in all capital letters is considered rude, and shouting. How much credence do YOU give the guy standing on the curb yelling at the world?!

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