Oct 3 2016

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Auto Dealer Job Overview

An auto dealer is someone who works at a new or used car dealership and sells vehicles to prospective buyers. In some cases, an auto dealer is the owner of the dealership as a whole, but in many cases he or she is a manager working for the owner. Daily responsibilities of an auto dealer might include inspecting and cleaning vehicles, meeting with customers, going on test drives or explaining financing to potential buyers.

Auto Dealer Education Requirements

In order to successfully run an automobile dealership, or to be hired in a management sales position within the dealership, a bachelor’s degree will typically be necessary. While there is no licensing or registration needed in order to legally sell vehicles within a dealership, those who want to become dealers will have a much better chance of getting hired if they studied sales, marketing, advertising or business administration. Other skills that will be helpful for this position include being able to communicate well, critical thinking and the ability to push certain products and encourage potential buyers to complete a sale.

Auto Dealer Job Market

Predicted growth for the job market of sales managers in auto dealerships is at an estimated eight percent between now and 2020. This is a significant amount of growth, and it should be encouraging to anyone planning to work in sales at an auto dealership or in a position like that of car sales executive. sales advisor or new car sales consultant .

Auto Dealer Salary

The median salary for the manager of an auto dealership is $117,740 annually. However, salaries vary depending on whether the employee is a manager or a salesperson on the floor. In the automobile sales industry, it is also important to remember that commission, which is not always included in salary, can be significant over the course of the year.

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