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Auto Electrical Supplies and Mechanical Service Melbourne

ALS Automotives provide auto electrician Melbourne services like no one else does. With only a handful of competitors, ALS Automotives take the lead in providing exceptional auto electrical services. Our services can be availed in the Central Business district of Melbourne as well as throughout its expanding suburbs.

Our auto electrical services have been classified into several categories, which gives you an idea of our workers proficiency in knowing their job! We install, service, diagnose faults and repair your car just as your car dealership would do, but in the least time possible!

The Auto Engine Management system is responsible for fuel efficiency and smooth riding. The system might need regular service in order to operate properly, which is why our auto electricians are adept at ensuring that the engine s electronic throttle, fuel injection and ignition systems deliver maximum performance.

The car starting system includes the absolute functioning of starter motors, alternators and ignition system. Most drivers are unable to diagnose faults within the starting system, which eventually leads to a poor starting system of the vehicle.

When it comes to auto security, ALS Automotives are the right choice for you. We install and repair any faults occurring in the Central locking systems and car immobilizers. If, by any means, you get locked out of your car and cannot get access into it, give us a call and our licensed auto electrician in Melbourne will reach you and service your vehicle s security system within a few minutes!

Auto lighting System involves electrical components like brake lights, headlights, indicator lights, interior lights and LED lights. We fit and repair any sort of auto lights to keep you going!

Other services include the installation and repair of Air conditioners, LCD screens, Automatic Braking systems and Electric Window controls and systems.

Apart from auto electrical services, we offer auto electrical supplies which can be availed from any of the outlets. These electric supplies include Alternators, Batteries, Bulbs, cables, switches, Relays, fuses, heating equipment and starter motors. We make it certain that these electrical components qualify for the customary standards of Electric supplies. Furthermore, these electric supplies are purchased from acknowledged brands in Australia.

ALS Automotives are the ultimate solution for all of your auto electrical needs. We are certified to offer you top-notch services promptly. Our auto electric services and auto electrical supplies can be availed at extremely affordable rates compared to what your car dealership may offer!

At ALS Automotive auto electrical service South Melbourne, we provide car service and repair for all vehicle makes and models. We specialise in service and repair of prestige European vehicles, including Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen. ALS Automotive South Melbourne also provide air conditioning service and cooling system repairs. At ALS we offer a full range of auto electrical services. including a car batteries, alternators and starter motors for most makes and models of cars and motorbikes.

Services include:


Power windows, mirrors and seats

Central locking

Exterior and interior light globe replacement

Auto computer reprogramming

Instrument and gauge repair and fitting

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