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What do I need to know to get a quote for my windshield replacement?

These are some questions we may ask you when you call to get a windshield replacement quote. We want to give you the lowest and most accurate quote in a timely manner. So scan over these to see if any apply to your windshield. The most common features are listed first.

Does your windshield have a rain sensor?

A rain sensor is an electrical sensor that is attached to the windshield near the rear-view mirror area that automatically activates your wipers when it rains and adjusts the speed of the wipers relative to the rainfall amount.

Does your windshield have an electrochromic rear-view mirror?

A electrochromic rear-view mirror will have electrical components and sensors attached to the rear-view mirror such as an auto dimming sensor, compass, thermometer, a map light or other electrical buttons.

Does your windshield have a heated wiper park area?

If your windshield has the heated wiper park area you can usually notice several heating elements similar to what you see in a heated back glass, but the elements with only be between 2-4 elements at the bottom of the windshield in the area that the wipers are in their parked position. They are to keep the wipers defrosted in the cold weather.

Does your windshield have a heads up display?

Some types of vehicles offered an option where gauges like speed and rpm are displayed on the windshield so that you do not need to take your eyes off the road. We may ask you if you have this option if the vehicle you are calling about had it available.

Is your windshield solar coated?

Solar coatings usually have a purple hue to them. They keep out additional UV rays which helps keep your car cooler.

Do you have a third visor frit on your windshield?

Many of the late model vehicles are coming equipped with a painted on pattern near the top center of the windshield that acts as a third visor for sun.

Do you have an acoustic interlayer in your windshield?

An acoustic interlayer is a clear vinyl insert that goes between the layers of laminated glass to help reduce road noise and is usually found on vehicles with upgraded sound systems.

Does your windshield have a light sensor?

This sensor detects low light and turns your headlights on automatically in low light conditions.

Do you have a Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)?

Some of today’s vehicles are coming equipped with a camera that has electrical components that run through the windshield. This system alerts the driver when they begin to deviate out of their lane.

Do you have a factory GPS system installed?

A car with a factory GPS system will sometimes have the antenna for the GPS built into the windshield.

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