Nov 15 2016

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2015 Car Insurance Satisfaction Survey

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By: Disatisfied ex-customer | 1 / 5 | 19 months ago

This insurance company will spend more time delaying, denying and defending than they will taking care of their customers. I have been in court for almost 7 years fighting this company and the sleaziest lawyers they can find to defend their shady practices. RUN FROM THIS COMPANY.

By: Susan Curlings Whitehurst1 | 1 / 5 | 14 months ago

Worst customer service ever! Rude! Rude! Rude! Would give us paperwork to complete but once we sent it back in, there was always something that WE forgot—yet we completed everything given. This was from a claim filed because my daughter was involved in an accident in which she was not at fault—the other driver admitted fault and wanted the claim to be resolved—it was the horrible Auto-Owners Representative that has caused this to be on-going. Needless to say—I will be shopping around when my own policy comes up for renewal. I’ll certainly look for a company in which I do not have to call and “get on his calendar” in order to find out anything about a claim!

By: SandyMich1 | 1 / 5 | 15 months ago

I live in a small, but unique, 2 bedroom California-styled ranch. Every year, for about 15 years++, I paid my multi-policy plus umbrella (4 policies), and talked with my agent about coverages. My question is always the same, “Is there anything more I could, or should, do to make sure I have coverage in the event of something catastrophic?” The response is always the same, “you have an excellent policy, nothing to worry about, you are fully covered. “

Well, a catastrophic event occurred as in the official/government classification as “catastrophic disaster”. I lost my very expensive carpeting, expensive sofa and chair set, bookcases, and much more (estimated over $12,000). Additionally, I spent over $4,000 for clean-ups and cleaning and restorations and removals and mold protection and more. Out-of-pocket: est. over $16,000.

Coverage from Auto Owners: $5,000 “that’s your coverage. that’s what all insurance companies give for such a disaster. ” What liars! My neighbors who do NOT have Auto Owners have coverages ranging from $10,000 to $50,000 for the same catastrophic event.


Because 1) some neighbors inquired with their agent about additional coverage and, based on their agent’s recommendation, upped their policy by having a rider or two added for only $50 to $75 per year for an additional $5,000 coverage for losses, and 2) my next door neighbors received a phone call from their agent who recommended they increase their policy in case they had a claim and needed more than $5,000 to cover their losses.

Obviously, these people were not insured by Auto Owners.

Personally, my opinion of Auto Owners and their agent(s) is very, very bad. In retrospect, imagine having an agent for over 15 years who NEVER made a suggestion/recommendation as to how to improve your coverages (4 Policies). It was always me asking about improving coverages. and the assistance was “zilch”. Oh, as the agent said to me after the “catastrophic disaster”. “well, there’s nothing wrong with your coverage. it’s the same you had in 1997”. How stupid! Since when does $5,000 in 1997 even remotely compare to $5,000 to cover losses in 2014?

STAY AWAY FROM AUTO OWNERS. THEY ONLY WANT TO MAKE MONEY. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR INSURED. AND DO NOT WANT TO RAISE COVERAGES FOR LOSSES BECAUSE THEY DO NOT WANT TO PAY FOR SAME. I RATE AUTO OWNERS A MINUS 10 They have no problem charging and charging and charging. and will NEVER recommend something beneficial for you that might eventually cost them money, such as a rider for $75 per year which would provide the insured with an additional $5,000 in coverage for losses. (Why offer an insured a $75/yr rider that might cost the insurance company another $5,000 for a loss?) Wish i never heard of Auto Owners: No integrity, just liars and cheats. If you have Auto Owners, suggest you change now before it is too late. And, Auto Owners rates are on the high-end without a rider.

The Fort Myers adjuster became very rude when I asked for details regarding the pay out of my claim. Which I have every right to ask where every penny goes to regarding my claim and what effects me. I was not happy how my claim was handled. I switched carriers and am paying a lower premium with same coverage. I will not put up with bad service from an adjuster or carrier. We have the right to question how our claim is paid out or is being handled.

Auto Owners Ft Myers claims department is the worst service. They did not take my narrative statement. When asking why any payments were paid out on any portion of my claim the claims adjuster got defensive and could not give me details on the information paid out to the claimant. Please know you have every right to know where and how much money is being paid out on your claim because it effects your premium. All the adjuster does on their end is pay and let underwriting dept worry about you getting any surcharges to your premium and well as your rate increase

By: franksfran | 1 / 5 | 2 months ago


cons. many

beware they have a triple D policy. delay, deny, dont pay.

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