Nov 13 2016

Auto paint color chart #framingham #auto #mall

#auto paint color chart

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At PPG color is dynamic. It is personal. It can influence consumers and define an automobile. It can set one vehicle apart from its competition.

Enviro-Prime EPIC

PPG’s Enviro-Prime EPIC electrocoat is the 8th generation of innovative automotive electrocoat products and uses a metal-free catalyst to address environmental and conflict mineral concerns.


Compact paint processes such as the B1:B2 system from PPG generate substantial savings. The B1 layer provides primer-like filling, chip resistance and durability protection. The B2 layer provides color and additional durability.


PPG’s Andaro provides the high chroma and color saturation associated with organic dyes, but in a durable pigment that passes OEM specifications, making it suitable for use in traditional automotive paint shops.

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