Aug 19 2017

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Auto Paint Shop

The Auto Paint Shop at Downtown Auto Body is a thirty-five hundred square foot facility where we utilize advanced technology and state of the art equipment to create a beautiful finish on your vehicle. Whether you need small, touch up work to a bumper or a complete vehicle paintjob, we know you re going to love the results of our work.

Downtown Autobody is proud to have well-trained, highly-experienced,  skilled professionals in the field to do the paintwork in our shop. Our technicians will provide you with an exceptional paintjob that will make you proud to be seen driving your car around town.

The system we rely on for an outstanding paint job is the environmentally friendly Spies Hecker Waterborne Paint System. It uses significantly less harmful solvents than most conventional painting systems and is safer for the earth as it is a low VOC option. Going green doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice quality however; the Spies Hecker Waterborne Paint System delivers a lustrous, brilliant finish. Downtown Autobody is happy to be providing a more environmentally friendly way to make your vehicle look great.

Color Matching

At Downtown Autobody, our Professional technicians use a state of the art Computerized Color Matching System. Your vehicle’s seventeen digit Vehicle Identification Number is programmed into the equipment then our technician can retrieve information about your vehicle such as where and when it was built and the exact paint formula that was used for the finish.

Once the paint formula is determined, we can then fine tune that formula. Over time, due to exposure to the sun and elements, a vehicles finish will fade and because every vehicle is unique, so is this fading process. Fine tuning the paint formula is a careful process that needs to be done by an accomplished professional so that the final repair will appear to have faded naturally as the rest of the vehicle did.

It is our mission to return your vehicle to it s pre-accident condition through the paint process. We accomplish this by giving the best technicians the best tools so they can do what they do best.

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