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Auto Racing Helmet Ratings

Auto racing helmets are rated by the Snell Foundation as either SA, M, or K rated.

Snell SA Rated Helmets:

Snell “SA” (Sports Application) rated professional helmets are designed for auto racing and provide extreme impact resistance and higher fire protection.

Snell M Rated Helmets:

Snell “M” (Motorcycle) rated helmets are designed for motorcycling and other motorsports. They offer slightly less protection than SA rated helmets.

Snell K Rated Helmets:

Snell “K” (Karting) rated helmets are designed for Karting applications. They are subjected to the same test standards as SA helmets except the do not require a fire retardant interior.

What are the key differences between SA and M Rated Helmets:

– SA standard requires flammability test while the M standard does not.

– SA standard has rollbar impact test while M standard does not.

– SA standard allows narrower visual field than M standard (Some SA helmets aren’t street legal).

How do I know if my helmet meets the necessary Snell requirements for the organizations that I race with?

Also, if you are considering the purchase of a Snell “M” rated helmet, be sure that your club will allow them. SCCA Solo does allow Snell “M” rated helmets, although some organizations that run high speed events will require Snell “SA” rated helmets. We recommend Snell “SA” rated helmets because they will be legal for any type automotive activity you participate in.

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