Apr 20 2017

Auto Repair Estimates – Know How Much Car Repair Costs #auto #ramps

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Is This a Fair Price. Don’t Wonder. Find Out with AutoMD!

“How much will it cost me?” Ultimately all trips to the mechanic end with this question. When an automotive service shop tells you a price for the work your vehicle needs, don’t be left wondering if the price is fair. Use AutoMD’s Fair Price feature to find out.

We use real-time market pricing to make sure you get an accurate figure, which means you’ll KNOW if the price a service shop quoted you is a fair price. So don’t wonder, use AutoMD and find out! Read More

Thanks to AutoMD’s Fair Price calculator – we call it AutoMD Insta-Quotes! – you can get accurate auto repair estimates for over 200 different automotive maintenance and repair services.

Across more than 40 states, AutoMD has selected local automotive service shops to be part of our AutoMD Insta-Quotes! program. These service shops agree to be up front about pricing – that’s why you can see detailed parts and labor quotes from each one of them. When AutoMD creates a quote for these shops, we’re using their labor cost, industry standard hours to perform the service, and today’s part prices – using good, quality parts you can trust! For all these “AutoMD IQ! ” shops, we’re putting more information at your fingertips with customer reviews, the shop’s automotive experience, whether they have certified technicians on site, their warranty programs, hours of operation, and more.

AutoMD is shifting the power to you so you can make informed decisions about which service shop you want to handle your car’s on-going maintenance and repair needs. Read Less

Who Can I Trust. AutoMD Knows.

Everyone wants a quality repair shop they can trust. With AutoMD on your side, finding your perfect repair shop is easy. AutoMD has thousands of user reviews to help you find a trustworthy shop. Browse our detailed shop profiles for warranty information, shop amenities, technician certifications, and AutoMD’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee*. Look for shops with the AutoMD IQ! badge. Read More

What about Peace of Mind? It’s at your fingertips with AutoMD’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee*. Use the “Book Online” button for a shop with the AutoMD IQ! badge to request a service appointment at that shop. AutoMD will contact the shop to confirm your appointment and notify you once everything is set. After your appointment, we’ll follow up with you to see how it went. If you’re not satisfied because the service wasn’t performed correctly, we’ll act on your behalf with the shop to make it right – and if they can’t, we’ll pay to have the work done at another shop! We wouldn’t put our money behind just anyone, so use one of the shops with an AutoMD IQ! badge, and be confident because AutoMD is on your side. Read Less

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