Aug 18 2017

Auto Shot – Spell – World of Warcraft #philly #auto #show

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Comment by Feiron

For those of you looking for the simple ‘one button’ method for grinding and general use use the following macro – steps 1 to 4 are explaining how to create a macro so skip to 5 if you already know how.

1) Type in /macro to enter macro screen.

2) Go to specific macros.

3) Click the ‘new’ button in the lower right hand corner.

4) Choose a name for your macro (shoot, fight or similar). The icon you choose does not matter as it will not show up on the macro button itself (explained later).

5) Type in the following:


/cast Auto Shot

/cast Hunter’s Mark (Rank 1)

Change the rank of Hunter’s Mark train in the higher ranks.

This macro will target an enemy, this will be the enemy directly ahead of you and within range. Send in your pet to attack, start shooting and cast Hunter’s Mark (Rank 1) on your target.

The Icon you choose for your macro does not matter because for some reason this order of macro keeps the normal Auto Shot icon up (i.e. icon looks like your current gun and flashes when you are shooting)

There are occasions when the macro will not target the person ahead and within range; e.g. if something is attacking you, in which case it might target them instead – so test this macro and get the feel of it before doing anything important.

Hope I have helped, enjoy!

Comment by sgtsolidus

I’ve found that auto shot is great to spam with steady shot. good spam macro would be

#showtooltip Auto Shot

/cast !Auto Shot

/cast Kill command

/cast Steady Shot

/script UIErrorFrame:Clear()

basically it casts steady shot whenever it’s ready and auto shoots the rest of the time. once you get kill command it casts that whenever its up. personally i add trinkets in there

/userandom trinket,trinket works great, you can put it anywhere between showtooltip and the script line it basically uses your trinkets whever they are up. also if you beastmastery u can add

/castrandom Bestial Wrath,class skill. always remember to put the EXACT name of the trinket or spell or else it won’t work. Hope this helps.


Comment by St3FuN

Man that’s not casting time its the speed of your ranged weapon and its getting lower with haste.

I thought i heard everything but auto shot have casting time its LOL

Comment by St3FuN

Comment by St3FuN

OK i mistaken about u can run and shot auto shot but.What do u think. If u have cast on auto shot why your ranged weapon have SPEED.

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