Feb 8 2017

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Auto Transporter is a web-based front end and back end Auto Hauling Software that has been developed for Auto Transport Brokers.

This application has given the ability to use any computer with an internet connection to administer your business. This gives you the advantage of being able to conduct business anywhere at anytime. From anywhere you can backup your business online.


Provides you with the following:

    Login by User User Level Security Back end login for the Broker Front end login for customers (including shipping status updated with notes)

Never have to enter data twice. Once the information has been entered in the quote request by a client, it will continue to update the data throughout the entire shipping process.

    Post automatically to central, and automatically deletes from central when the job is

assigned a trucker or is cancelled. Assigns truckers to the job automatically by route. One Click Fax out the paperwork to the trucker assigned to the job.

One Click Fax

Sets up the daily work broken down by the work flow the process.

    Awaiting quote Awaiting approval from customer Orders Post to central for truckers Orders assign trucker Payment pending Payment complete Cancelled Customer information for future billing order history. Trucker history, flagging for bad experiences with truckers.


Customer CC information, orders, login username and passwords, address, (billing and shipping).

Automation Email to customers quote requests, with login to MY ACCOUNT feature.

Orders Customer information, pickup and drop-off, order processing. Assign orders to truckers and bill CC, auto faxing (forms faxed to truckers with one click of a button).

Truckers All Contact information, all routes, all previous loads completed.

All data cross references itself from customers to orders to truckers etc.

Program Features

    Customer e-mail follow ups, at every step of the process. Client log in, check order statues, reorder, ETC. Automatic credit card processing Automatic faxing of Carrier Auto Form Automatic posting to multiple dispatch sites Daily automatic reminders, (To Do List) Orders will list automatically all carriers for each particular route


    Receive quote request Reply to Quote Update Quote to an order Assign the job to a trucker, AUTO FAX of papers to truckers Automatically bill client, sending a receipt Once all paid, close the order.


Search capabilities by varies categories; order, customer, date, trucker, carrier-routes. All of which cross reference each other.

Auto Transport Software Designed and Developed in partnership with B B Auto Haulers

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