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Auto Upholstery

Leather World Technologies offers a full line of leather, vinyl, and fabric products for auto, car, boat, marine, and aviation upholstery. These products may be organized by three major functions: restoration, repair, and care.

Auto Leather Upholstery Restoration

We have over 350 automotive interior color matches for your vehicle. These colors apply whether the interior element is the vinyl dash, plastic trim, or leather seats. Just view our color charts to pick your color from the list and make your interior look new again!

Selecting the correct product for your leather coloring situation is an easy 3 step process:

  1. Nearly all auto leather is a pigmented/top coat dye. The products listed on this page make this assumption. If you believe you have a different situation, consult Identifying Leather in our leather manual and contact us.
  2. Select the color for your model and year from the online auto color charts. Copy down the color code and place it in the color box for the selected dye when ordering.
  3. Select the product that matches your need. We suggest our popular Leather Recoloring Kit,it’s the quick and easy way to get everything you need. If you still have questions on how to handle your particular problem, we have helpful sections in the online leather manual on Leather Dyeing.

Auto Leather Upholstery Care

We have a full line of leather cleaners, conditioners and protectants. We suggest one of our leather cleaning kits, they are sure to meet your current and future needs. If you still have questions on how to handle your particular problem, we have a helpful cleaning tips section in the online leather manual Leather Cleaning Tips.

Leather, Vinyl & Fabric Upholstery Repair

Our leather, vinyl, and fabric upholstery repair kits give you everything you need to effect a normal repair. The Deluxe Leather Repair Kit allows you to select a color match dye from our auto color charts to make the most invisible repair. The Basic Leather Repair Kit and the other repair kits come with color components that you mix to achieve the desired color. If needed, vinyl dye may also be ordered in the same stock colors as auto leather dye.

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