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Auto Upholstery And Custom Interiors

Auto upholstery repair

Convertible Tops

We offer a complete line of convertible tops for all car models in original or custom colors as well as vinyl and canvas material to custom create your top just like you want it. At Rivero Auto Interiors all convertible top repairs are.

Auto upholstery repair


Torn, ripped seats are not a problem! We repair and reupholster car seats to their original look, using the original cloth, leather, or vinyl. For every car seat repair we recondition the foam body, which .

Auto upholstery repair


If you want to get rid of stains and rips on your car carpet and bring back that ‘new car’ smell, we have a large line of automobile replacement carpets, floor mats, trunk mats, and of course insulation .

Auto upholstery repair


We offer excellent headliner repair and car sunroof repair services with tailor-made automotive headliner materials, from original to custom materials like suede, vinyl and leather to match your upholstery specifications.

About Us

Rivero Upholstery, DBA Rivero Interiors was founded in 1995 by a father and son, with over 30 years of experience. Combined with new ideas, they have created a car upholstery shop with knowledge and professionalism. Located in the City of Doral, just a mile east of International Mall, is our 5000 square foot auto upholstery facility, accompanied by qualified and knowledgeable staff ready to serve your automotive needs.

Why Upgrade?

Upgrading your interior is nothing more than satisfying the enthusiast who expects more from the auto manufacturer and never gets it. By replacing an interior that has rips, torn-and-worn seats, carpets, headliners, or even convertible tops, you will feel better and proud of the investment you ride every day. We offer top quality auto upholstery fabric from which you can choose.

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