Feb 14 2018

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Auto warehouse

Auto warehouse



Shared Housing Services always has things going on.В В Check out what we ve got happening now.

Auto warehouse

We’re currently looking for a new Executive Director.  Check out the job description below to see if you feel you qualify.

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King 5 Interview

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With nearly 3,000 young adults roaming the streets looking for a place to sleep, Tacoma s homeless problem has become critical.

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Spring for housing

Auto warehouse

The Shared Housing Services Spring For Housing event isВ March 14, 2015.

Auto warehouse

Auto Warehousing Company

We have over 50 years of experience providing the services, installation, and logistic needs of our customers.  From our customers to our associates, all are treated fairly, equally, and with respect.  We believe in empowering our managers, thus allowing them to react quickly to our customers’ needs. AWC continually embrace new technology allowing us to further increase efficiency and responsiveness to our customers’ needs. Continuing education and training is a priority at AWC, so our customers can reap the benefit of the most skilled workforce available.

Auto warehouse


Services such as body shop repair, vehicle inspections, lease vehicle reconditioning, vehicle storage, warehousing, surveys and many other services can all be performed by AWC and it’s highly trained associates.

Rail Loading
Rail Loading
Rail Loading
Accessory Installation
Accessory Installation – Robotics
Accessory Installation – Robitics
Decal Installation
Plant Receiving – VIPS Direct Locating
Vehicle Inspection
VIPS Mobile – Cellular / Wi-Fi
VIPS Mobile – Rugged Tablets – Cellular / Wi-Fi
VIPS Online Analytics
Vehicle Processing Shop

Auto warehouse


Glass roofs, back-up cameras, vehicle graphics, navigation systems, vehicle alarms, spoilers, and many other accessories can be installed (or uninstalled) with precision and care using our highly trained workforce.

Auto warehouse


AWC performs many logistics functions. В Some of these are real time yard management, real time data transfers, real time vehicle direct locating, dealer delivery, import / export preparations, rail car preparation and switching, rail car loading and unloading, and extensive assembly plant operations.

Auto warehouse


VIPS, AWC’s proprietary, award winning, state-of-the-art software sets us apart from our competitors. В Since its inception, VIPS has been continuously refined and enhanced, enabling AWC to maintain its technological lead in the vehicle processing industry. В Thanks to VIPS, AWC continues to be more responsive and efficient than our competitors, enabling us to provide superior services to our customers. В VIPS can be accessed from any device with a current generation web browser. В Our customers’ management can now review productivity information via the web for not only a specific AWC site but for all of their sites AWC is present at. В While customers still can pick up the phone or send an email requesting information about their vehicles, they can just as easily open a browser, log into VIPS and get the information themselves. В Free standing kiosks are available at many AWC locations that allow haul away truck drivers to review any information about their loads thus speeding up their turnaround times.В В


Auto Warehousing Company has over 20 locations throughout North America.

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