Automotive Custom Seat Upholstery #auto #finance

#auto upholstery


If you are also interested in viewing more information for the AFTERMARKET custom tailored seat covers, Click here

To check availability for Factory Original replacement seat upholstery or the Aftermarket Custom



Original Factory Sewn Design – T his only refers to the SEWN layout design on the facing of the seats – has nothing to do with the actual fabrics used.

Choose your seat cover selection:

Leather – Only available if we have the Factory Original Stock Sewn reproduction patterns!

Original Cloth – This material is not always available – Please make note in comment section if you are only interested

Vinyl – All colors available and In most cases can be matched to the originals ( i.e. Perforated Inserts, 2-Tone, etc )

What type of fabric:

Start at $775.00 + ( Vinyl, Cloth, or Combination )

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