Nov 15 2016

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Automotive Bulb Finder


Philips High Performance Headlight Options

In addition to standard halogen headlights, we offer Philips automotive lighting high performance halogen headlights including VisionPlus. CrystalVison Ultra and X-treme Vision. Use our car bulb finder above to quickly locate the exact bulb for your car, truck, motorcycle, or RV, including these high performance options:

  • VisionPlus: 60% more light on the road than standard halogen.
  • X-treme Vision: 100% more light on the road than standard halogen.
  • CrystalVision Ultra: Xenon delivers 4000K bright white light.

List of Auto Bulb Codes

If you know the code designation of the bulb you are looking for, use this list. We also carry many LED alternatives to common 6v, 12v, and other car bulbs. Otherwise, use the auto bulb finder to see all replacement bulbs for your car, truck, RV, motorcycle, or other vehicle.

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