Oct 2 2016

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Battery Replacement

A strong, healthy battery is essential to the proper operation of your vehicle. A battery can last four to five years with proper care, although battery failure can occur in as little as three years in hot climates. Premature battery failure can occur as a result of chronic undercharging, overcharging, abuse, or vibration. Since modern vehicle computer systems create a small but constant drain on batteries, even when the vehicle is parked, long sitting periods can cause a vehicle’s battery to go dead and need a charge.

At some point, your battery will have to be replaced. This is usually a simple task, but some batteries can be very difficult to replace. If your battery appears to be difficult to remove and install, don’t attempt to do it yourself. Have it done by a professional NAPA AUTOPRO technician.

These instructions will help you replace your car’s battery.

Note: It may be helpful to check your vehicle’s owner manual to see if it offers any specific information on battery replacement, or you may want to consult a suitable service manual.

Tools and Equipment

To replace your battery you will need:

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