Dec 19 2017

Beepi offers a new way to buy, sell used cars #auto #auction

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Beepi offers a new way to buy, sell used cars

As an MIT graduate student, Alejandro Resnik bought a used Jeep Liberty but ultimately regretted the purchase. Even after some repairs, the lemon continued to overheat on the highway. To make matters worse, the dealer refused to take it back.

“I came to understand how unprotected consumers are when they buy a car,” Resnik said. “I thought, ‘There has to be a better way.’ Out of that smoking car on I-94, Beepi was born.”

To smooth the bumpy road for people buying and selling used cars, the Los Altos startup has created an online marketplace designed as a hassle-free alternative to car dealers or Craigslist. Resnik is the CEO and co-founder of Beepi, which began offering the service this week.

The company facilitates private transactions and oversees inspections, transaction processing and delivery. Potential sellers answer questions about their car and receive a price quote. Beepi sends a mechanic to their home or office to perform a two-hour, 185-point inspection. If a car passes, the company lists the vehicle on the website with photos and other information.

Beepi cherry-picks newer cars in good shape. They must be 2006 models or newer and have fewer than 60,000 miles.

“Few people have anything good to say about their experiences with buying or selling used cars,” said Jeff Brody. a partner at Redpoint Ventures. which led a $5 million investment round in Beepi. “Everybody always feels at best that it’s a very inefficient process and at worse that they’ve been ripped off.”

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