Mar 14 2018

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Best Car Battery Brands on the Market

Finding the best car battery to suit your vehicle and needs can be quite a challenging task. There are many types of battery all claiming to be the best in their field with performance. Clearly some batteries are better than others but most people do not know how to choose. Many people make their decisions based on prices, and in the current economical climate that is not a bad decision. However, there are some batteries which will appear cheaper initially, but will not have the staying power of a battery which has a slightly higher price, but better quality.

Duralast has a reputation of producing batteries with an extremely high level of dependability. These are probably the closest you could ever buy to a tailor made battery. They produce regional batteries which can cope with extremely cold conditions and is not something most other manufacturers have caught onto yet. The batteries they have designed for the northern region are capable of packing a punch in extremely harsh temperatures, and batteries designed for use in the southern regions are resistant to heat for the climate. One could easily conclude that the name is a combination of durable and lasting. They are currently only for sale in AutoZone stores, but they are countrywide, so you should have no issues finding one near you.

Most have heard and seen the name Energizer. They are synonymous with batteries for your home electronics. Now many people realize they make car batteries too. As with all Energizer batteries, performance and quality is of the essence, and these batteries are no different. They maintain the exceptionally high standard that Energizer is famous for. Currently, they are available at selected Wal-Mart stores in Canada and the USA.

Diehard is one of the better known car battery brands and have been around since 1967. They have become a popular household brand among car owners. Their wide range of sizes and types of battery cover every vehicle from a small car to a large RV. Similar to Duralast, DieHard also produces regional variations of battery to cope suitably with extremely cold and hot climates. DieHard batteries are available for purchase at Sears Auto Centers.

EverStart batteries make a battery suited for almost every model of car. If you need a specific battery to fit your vehicle s battery compartment and give you long lasting durability. EverStart is exclusively sold at every Wal-Mart store. Currently, Wal-Mart is offering free testing and installation, providing the store has a Tire Lube Express. The batteries cover ranges for cars, SUV s and trucks, and have had strong car battery reviews from customers.

Truestart batteries use reserve capacity (RC) technology to provide a clean cut start to your vehicle every time. The RC is quite significant in car battery ratings. Genuine Toyota batteries are maintained and installed by qualified Toyota technicians, and these batteries are available at Toyota dealerships all over the country. Of course, you don t need to own a Toyota to have a TrueStart battery in your car.

For information on batteries that may cost a bit more, but make up for it in lasting performance, check out CarsDirect s list of the best car battery brands for lasting performance.

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