Nov 16 2016

Best Extended Auto Warranty Companies for 2015 #auto #loan #refinance

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When making an expensive purchase, a warranty offers peace of mind. When making a 5-figure purchase, the thought of paying out for major repairs in the first couple of years is nerve-wracking. Cars typically come with a warranty, though it may be offered through a third-party company. Auto warranties cover repairs that do not fall under the heading of regularly scheduled maintenance.

Top 10 Extended Auto Warranty Companies For You

What features matter most?

Covered items


Cost plays an important role when determining value. Often when buying a new car, the warranty is rolled into the price, but a better warranty may justify a higher price tag.

  • Is it a one-time fee?. If there is a cost specific to the warranty purchase, be sure to ask about recurring charges.
  • Level of coverage. While most cars come with some type of warranty, many dealerships offer premium coverage options that include more systems.
  • What about additional charges?. Some warranties cover everything from chips in a windshield to door dents, but there may be service fees or deductibles on a specific repair.
  • Length of warranty

    Length of service is another issue when dealing with warranties. Some cover the entire vehicle, while others have limitations on certain parts. For example, a battery warranty is typically only for three years.

    • Different parts have different coverage. If a warranty lasts for five years, be sure to check that it covers all major systems. Electrical systems might only have a three-year warranty, and normal wear and tear might not be covered at all.
    • There might be mileage exclusions. Many warranties cover a vehicle for a length of time or for a certain number of miles, whichever is reached first. For example, a warranty might last for five years or 75,000 miles.
    • Ask about extended options. The base auto warranty might have a very limited coverage period, but there are often options to extend coverage beyond the basic policy.
  • Available service locations

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