Nov 9 2016

Best Used Cars Under 5000 #auto #comparison

#used cars under 5000

Cars for Sale Under Values

Best Used Cars Under 5000

Dependable transportation with affordable long and short term cost of ownership is typically the driving factor behind consumers looking for great solutions in the search for the best used cars under $5000 today.

It is important to take into consideration the condition of any used car, and a fair amount of research is imperative during this process to assist in getting the best information possible regarding the particular used vehicle you are looking at purchasing. While the best used cars for sale can include a variety of makes, models and years, the right one ultimately needs to meet popular requirements such as price, condition, and cargo space as well as fuel efficiency. Taking this into account people today are frequently looking for the best economical used car that they can get for less than 5000 dollars. After all, with better gas mileage this is an approach which lends itself well to a lowered long term cost of ownership, and includes the fact that the insurance costs can be significantly lower on a smaller used vehicle.

The Honda Accord is considered to be one of the best used cars under 5000 dollars as it can provide an impressive mix of comfort, efficiency, dependability and it has a great reputation among current owners of this vehicle. A well maintained example should incorporate both a clean exterior and interior. The MPG found on the Accord from the mid to late 1990s forward will range from the low 20s in the city to the upper 20s on the highway. While the efficiency will vary based upon many factors including driving habits, the Honda Accord 4 cylinder 2.3 liter automatic 4 speed VTEC for example averages 20 city and 28 highway. Typically the manual transmission models will get a couple of miles per gallon more than their automatic counterparts. The slightly heftier version of the Accord, being the 6 cylinder 3.0 liter automatic 4 speed, provides more power at only slightly less MPG.

In this price range you should expect a well maintained used car in great mechanical condition too. Based on careful research this list also encompasses the Toyota Camry which has been one of the best selling used cars for quite some time and finding them for $5,000 or less is still going to get you some of the great factory options as well. With a range of trims to choose from you can count on used Toyota vehicles to live up to their appropriately earned reputation for delivering on quality.

The Ford Focus provides a range of stylish opportunities including models from the early 2000 s which offer decent performance and 4 cylinder manual or automatic transmission solutions to the affordable daily driving needs of many people. For example the early 2000 s Ford Focus models have EPA MPG ratings in the low 20s city to the low 30s highway.

Ultimately the real upfront benefits however are in the fact that you are getting the car at a substantially lower price then the original sticker would have been. This is why the main focus of which is the best used car for under 5000 today may be one which does not get the best gas mileage, but one that provides the driver with the most room to haul their stuff within the vehicle. Included within this list are some of the current best small SUV models considering that there may be some concern as to the amount of cargo space which the smaller cars actually can offer drivers today.

Best Used SUV Under $5,000

The used Honda CR-V models under $5000 tend to be slightly older models of this compact SUV. Often the mechanical and cosmetic condition will be high quality yet there may be high mileage on the vehicle. The same holds true for the popular Kia Sorento yet these can still be good solutions for SUVs in this price range. Keep in mind as you are doing your research that there are many important factors involved in choosing the best used car under 5000 that meets your own specifications.

If you need more room or increased towing capacity then there are some decent SUVs which can supply you with more cargo space and even 4 wheel drive capabilities. Some of the more prolific examples include the Chevrolet Blazer. These represent a portion of used cars for sale under 5 000 dollars which can deliver on the basis of a long standing reputation among SUVs. The 6 cylinder 4.3 liter Chevy Blazer with automatic transmission can provide you with relatively fair gas mileage for a four wheel drive vehicle yet obviously not as high as the more economical cars.

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