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Beware of Scam at Dollar car Rental LAX


Mar 24, 2010, 9:24 PM

Just a warning about the Dollar Car rental Office LAX.

I hired a car through Auto Europe for 20 days in L.A. Auto Europe are a Car Rental Broker and I am happy with their service.

It was an all inclusive deal,which included all Taxes ,insurance and local charges.Great way to book as USA car rental are a scam waiting to happen.Used this system a few times with not a problem untill a few weeks ago.

They sent me my voucher and I got stuck with Dollar Rent a Car.

Well after a 14 hour flight from Australia,the mind is not too swiched on and I reckon the sales people know it!

I was asked if I wanted an upgrade for an Extra $5.00 a day.I said fine,but I wanted a certain car,sales person said,no problem,go and pick one.I got the keys to a nice Dodge Charger.

I was told as I had a voucher and was pre paid,that there were no other charges ,except the $5.00 a day upgrade,so sign ,here,here and here.

So when I arrive home,on my credit card were charges for an extra $500!

The $5 a day had increased to $12.Then there was a thing called Road Safe at $107.At no point was I asked about this.This charge was for flat a tire or if you had an accident or break down,they would tow away the car! What if you don t have this,they leave it on the side of the road forever?If a car breaksdown,it is their car and their fault,why should I be insured for that?

Next was an airport recovery charge,$41 what is this suppose to be?I took the car back to the rental office Depot,they never had to pick it up from the airport!

I can understand that you may have to pay extra for taxes on the extra charges,but when the fast talking salesman says,$5 a day,you would think, $5 a day.

When you pay for all insurance to be inclusive,why would you need Road safe?

When I complained,they said I signed and agreed to the costs,so I checked and so I did.That is what you get for not reading the small print.

So it comes down to no matter how tired you are,always read the fine print before you sign on the dotted line,don t trust the Sales Person,I reckon they must get a commission.

This was Dollar LAX,so beware.

They did refund me approx $130,but considering the suprise extra charges,left me feeling Riped Off!

Love to hear if any others have had this problem with Dollar at LAX or Dollar Rental as a whole?

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