Dec 26 2017

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Bill of Sale Legal Forms

Bills of Sale are written contracts that record the transfer of property form one party to another and provide a written record of the transaction and legal protection should a dispute occur.

Bill of Sale forms can cover a variety of sales transactions like for vehicles, dogs, cats, horses and exotic animals and items such as furniture, golf carts or jewelry. A written Bill of Sale serves as proof of ownership and protects the rights of both buyer and seller.

The Bill of Sale does not just contain information about the seller and buyer, but also sets forth the sale/purchase amount or value received and describes the property being sold. There are two main types of Bills of Sale:

  • With Warranties – The seller warrants (or guarantees) that he or she has the authority to transfer legal title to the buyer and that there are no outstanding debts or liabilities for the property. In addition, the seller may warrant that the property is in good working condition.
  • Without Warranties – This document will also provide a receipt to the buyer for the purchase of an item of personal property. However here the seller makes no warranties at all,
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