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Black Box Insurance From iKube

Black Box Insurance

Find out more about black box car insurance with iKube

There’s been quite a bit of talk recently about black box or “telematics” car insurance for young drivers and it can be a little confusing.

To put it simply – iKube’s black box insurance covers both young and learner drivers at a reduced premium. Statistically, 11pm – 5am is the most risky time to drive for young motorists and iKube can offer cheaper car insurance premiums if you avoid driving at these times. So we reward you for safer driving – simple!

With iKube’s black box insurance we can offer young drivers between the ages of 17 – 25 the following:

  • Either fully comprehensive or third party fire and theft black box car insurance
  • The ability to earn your own no claims bonus (NCB)
  • We won’t charge you per mile, unlike other providers
  • We keep it simple – one fixed annual fee or monthly price

So – if you’re aged 17 – 25 and looking for affordable young driver or learner driver car insurance then drop us a line or request a call back and see how much you could save!

Cost and fitting

The iKube black box costs £174 with a renewal price of £99 – this also covers installation, the annual monitoring charge and RAC Roadside and Rescue breakdown. This cost is built into your young driver car insurance quote, we just like to be clear and transparent with our charges.

iKube’s little black box is discreetly and quickly installed by a professional engineer into the policy holder’s car. The engineer can come to your home, place of work or place of study at a date and time convenient to you. Where the iKube box is fitted in the car and how long it will take will depend on the make and model of the car. It’s usually fitted behind the dashboard or in the glove box and takes about 30 to 40 minutes to install. Don’t worry, you are still insured to drive your car under our young driver’s insurance policy before the engineer calls. However, the iKube box must be fitted within the first 8 days of cover.

The black box uses GPS tracking technology that transmits a signal to advise iKube on driving behaviour and whether the car is being driven during the red hours, between 11pm – 5am. Should you or any of the named drivers on your young driver’s insurance policy driver during this period you will incur additional charges . This charge is not added to your premium and we will contact you to arrange payment.

If you buy a new car, the vehicles must be made available for the iKube engineers to remove the box and install it in the new car. Please note – the iKube unit remains the property of iKube at all times and a transfer fee will apply.

If you decide iKube is right for you, we can set the insurance up for you over the phone – just call us or request a call back!

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